Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Next Chapter

Hi everyone,

I've been putting off writing this blog post but I think the time has come for me to be honest with you all so that I can move on to the next chapter in my life.

There's no easy way to say it so I'm going to jump straight in - I'm taking a break from being a blogger. Not necessarily forever, but I'm taking a hiatus to reassess and I'm open to a future where I might return to it (although in a different capacity) or I might never come back to it at all.

It's been an amazing journey of 5 and a half years and I've loved so many aspects of it along the way. I've loved meeting new people, connecting with like minds, being able to work with brands I love, learn new skills and gain opportunities that never would have been available to me otherwise.

However, I'm currently at a turning point in my life and I am not sure where blogging fits in anymore. I'm 26 years old and not in the same place I was when I started this as a 20 year old. Running around on weekends posing for outfit photos isn't as fun as it once was and the further I get through my 20's the more I realise my priorities are changing.

I work in digital marketing all day long and I love having a career I can throw myself into - so when I get home from work I'm not as eager as I once was to spend more long hours on the computer.

That being said, I am not disappearing completely. I will still be extremely active on my instagram and twitter and if you'd like to still be connected, please follow me there.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey and for sticking with me as this blog has evolved and grown over the years. It's been such an amazing part of my life and even though I feel good about my decision to move forward, I know there will be so much I will miss as well.

I am keeping my URL in case I find myself wanting to come back to this in the future, but for now I know it's best for me to take a break and enjoy other parts of my life.

Much love

Amanda x

P.S Shout out to my amazing husband for all his help with my blog as well - for learning DSLR photography for me, patiently running around shooting pictures and never complaining. I appreciate all you've done J! You guys can also follow him on instagram @jemyboy7.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Peplum top c/o Amber Whitecliffe | Vintage velvet skirt | Boohoo Heels

Well it's been really warming up here in New Zealand! Bare arms and legs and sunny days outside have become the norm. My new Amber Whitecliffe top has been on a high rotation because I've realised I don't really have much of a summer wardrobe yet! I've spent all year stocking up on winter layers and now that the heat is here I have very limited options to choose from. Luckily I love this top and can see it becoming one of those long-standing, timeless pieces in my wardrobe. Also our Melbourne holiday is only 2 weeks away so I'll be going on a shopping spree for summer clothes for sure!

P.S You can see my last Amber Whitecliffe piece in an older blog post here

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Cornwall Park

Chicwish Skirt | Loverbird top c/o Market HQ | Rubi Shoes | Saben Necklace

I've been wearing this outfit at least once a week at the moment. I realise there's nothing too special about it but there's something so satisfying about the perfect striped top tucked into your favourite skirt. I'm a bit of a sucker for outfit repetition when I find something I like! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! Jeremy and I will be running our first ever half marathon tomorrow and I'm getting pretty nervous but also quite excited! It's been a goal of mine for a long time now and it's crazy to think that by this time tomorrow I would have achieved it! I'll let you know how it goes :) 

P.S I'm currently more active on my instagram so please follow me there for daily updates :) 

Friday, November 01, 2013

Contributor | Food Photography Tips

Hello, it’s Mandy Faith from Man D again! Food photography is undeniably a trend lately, so today I would want to share some tips I have learnt along the way.

#1. Angles

Most foods are best taken from top. Don’t be afraid to stand and take in the whole table setting! Though, foods like pancakes look better taken sideway to display the layers.

#2. Composition

Try placing your plate in the middle and the cutleries scattered randomly around. Alternatively, everything can be arranged very neatly. Keep trying new compositions and you’ll surprise yourself! However, make sure to clear unnecessary items off the frame (e.g. phones, dirty napkins, etc.).

#3. Walk Around

Many cafes have foods beautifully displayed at the counter so don’t miss the chance to capture. There are no rules stating you can only take pictures of foods that are on the table!

#4. Natural Light

If possible, get seats near windows/doors so you will be blessed with abundance of pretty sunlight that will certainly make your food look better. Bet you wouldn’t want to get a dark and grainy picture captioned ‘breakfast’!

#5. Phone & Apps

Due to the fact that most cafes and restaurants have narrow spaces between seats and bulky cameras are a little inappropriate for dining, phones always come in handy for food photography. Snap a picture away is just so easy. Further edit it with your favorite apps and be ready to share to the world!

#6. Be Creative

Hold your cuppa elegantly, capture your friend trying out the food, take pictures of food already eaten halfway… Just anything you can think of! Food photography is so interesting if applied creatively!

That is all for this time! Now go take some pretty food pictures and share!

Mandy Faith
Here Comes the Sun Contributor

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Happy List

Today has been a bit of a sad day. Not for any particular reason, but it's just been one of those days where the world felt a little less rosy than normal. So I thought it'd be good to drag myself out of the funk with a list of my favourite things that make me happy right now. So here we go:

The Happy 100:

♥ 1. Finding new cafes and restaurants in Auckland (today I went to Federal Deli for the first time!)
♥ 2. Cozy nights in bed watching TV
♥ 3. Waking up to find my cat sharing my pillow
♥ 4. Planning mine and Jeremy's 2014 Japan trip
♥ 5. Counting down to our Melbourne holiday in 3 weeks
♥ 6. Day trips to the beach
♥ 7. A cider in the sun after a long day
♥ 8. Making the perfect playlist and discovering new music
♥ 9. Unashamedly having Drake, Haim, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde & Katy Perry all on the same playlist
♥ 10. Fan girling over Katy Perry
♥ 11. Playing Candy Crush (I'm stuck on level 245 if anyone has any tips)
♥ 12.  Going for a run with Jeremy
♥ 13. Listening to podcasts in the car
♥ 14. iMessage group convo's that are solely for Harry Potter discussions
♥ 15. Finding the perfect and most relevant lists on Buzzfeed
♥ 16. Planning a future where I own a German Shepherd and a British Blue cat
♥ 17. Never getting sick of Japanese food
♥ 18. Never getting sick of dumplings
♥ 19. Saturday morning bagel club (we go to Best Ugly bagels)
♥ 20. White nail polish
♥ 21. Discovering new TV shows (latest love is The Americans)
♥ 22. Bottomless coffee
♥ 23. Wearing Nikes, Chucks or Vans instead of heels
♥ 24. Wearing sportswear instead of dresses
♥ 25. Avocado on toast
♥ 26. Being so content with being at home doing nothing
♥ 27. Getting home from work and getting straight into pajamas
♥ 28. When someone you admire/ respect follows you back on Twitter
♥ 29. Friends you can do nothing with but still have the best time
♥ 30. Talking about Harry Potter like it's real life
♥ 31. Debriefing with friends after every New Girl episode
♥ 32. Counting down to seeing Catching Fire at the movies
♥ 33. Cheese platters
♥ 34. Friday nights at home with wine and an early retreat to bed
♥ 35. Fairtrade, free range, organic cafes
♥ 36. FaceTiming with friends who moved away
♥ 37. The cold side of the pillow
♥ 38. Candles that smell like something edible
♥ 39. Collapsing on my front lawn after a long run
♥ 40. Roast vege salads with an overload of feta
♥ 41. Vulnerable conversations
♥ 42. Old movies
♥ 43. Finding an album you can listen to on repeat (this year it's been Bastille, Bad Blood for me)
♥ 44. Really salty peanut butter
♥ 45. Being a regular at a cafe
♥ 46. Running downhill
♥ 47. Cherry blossom season
♥ 48. Planning everything we want to do at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea
♥ 49. Long email chains about all things Japan
♥ 50. Book club
♥ 51. YouTubing videos of cute cats and dogs (it never gets old)
♥ 52. Giving my cat tummy rubs (he never bites/scratches)
♥ 53. Carrot sticks and hummus
♥ 54. Almond milk
♥ 55. Going for walks on my lunch break
♥ 56. Getting a fringe trim
♥ 57. Harvey Spector
♥ 58. Being on top of the washing
♥ 59. Green tea with strawberry
♥ 60. Flossing
♥ 61. Managing to get a screen shot on Snapchat
♥ 62. How amazing water tastes after a long run
♥ 63. Secretly competing with friends on Nike+
♥ 64. Tempura veges
♥ 65. Having a husband that's super skilled at shaping my eyebrows
♥ 66. Finding new instagram feeds to follow
♥ 67. Bonding with people who love The Wire
♥ 68. Bonding with people who don't love Two and a Half Men
♥ 69. Guilty pleasure TV shows and movies
♥ 70. Listening to your favourite song on repeat
♥ 71. Leisurely mornings
♥ 72. Checking your favourite websites and Twitter first thing every morning
♥ 73. Sneaking your own treats into the movie theatre
♥ 74. Waking up and realising you have a few more hours left before your alarm will go off
♥ 75. Strawberry season
♥ 76. Checking the Timehop app every day to reminisce
♥ 77. Hello Kitty everything
♥ 78. White on white on white clothing ensembles
♥ 79. Stripey tops
♥ 80. Super friendly dogs
♥ 81. Introducing friends to new TV shows or music
♥ 82. Gin and tonic
♥ 83. Eggs benedict
♥ 84. Still not so secretly loving Mary Kate and Ashley
♥ 85. Steve Carrell
♥ 86. Getting overly emotionally involved in the lives of fictional characters
♥ 87. BBQ season
♥ 88. Supporting handmade
♥ 89. Watching any interview by Ellen Degeneres or Graham Norton
♥ 90. Short fingernails
♥ 91. Winged liquid liner
♥ 92. Wrapping your bedding around you like a cocoon
♥ 93. Crispy green apples
♥ 94. Home made burgers with avocado, jalapenos and hot sauce
♥ 95. Recreating restaurant meals at home
♥ 96. Getting mail
♥ 97. YouTube compilations of the best Vines
♥ 98. Funny animal GIFs
♥ 99. Haloumi
♥ 100. A deep sleep

What features on your happy list?
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