Friday, November 20, 2015

Halloween Weekend + The Rugby World Cup Final

Hi guys!

Checking in again. I was wondering, are many of you catching these updates on this website? If you are let me know in the comments! Just want to make sure I'm not talking to a void haha.

Here's our latest video, it's basically a highlights reel of our weekend. Halloween, RWC, burgers, dog park, vegan food haul, you get the idea!

4 weeks until we leave, yikes!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Watch us get tattooed at Auckland Armageddon!

A few weeks ago we went to Auckland Armageddon and both got tattooed. Follow us around for the day!

Also thank you for following this journey with us. It's fun to be creating content again and we're loving documenting the last few months in New Zealand. Will be good to have this kind of footage to look back on when we're feeling homesick!

Friday, November 06, 2015

Getting nostalgic about leaving NZ + some GOOD news

Just like that, a week has passed and I'm back with our second vlog! It's pretty scary how fast the days and weeks are passing by... We only have 42 days left in New Zealand which is absolutely insane.

Anyway, let's rewind a few weeks and go back to a little family trip we took and some super good news we received:

Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm back! (Kinda) And I have a YouTube Channel!

Hi everyone,

Wow this feels weird. It's been two years since I've logged into this (to be honest I'm surprised I remembered my password) but here I am. As I semi-hinted at in my last post, I am returning to blogging, but in a different capacity - I think I always knew what the next step was for me and the time has finally come for it to play out.

Anyway, let's keep this short, I'll run you through the changes from the last couple of years:

  • Firstly (and I think, most importantly) Jeremy and I have transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. We're not without our mishaps (nothing worse than discovering hidden ingredients AFTER you've consumed them) but we do our best and it's something we've grown to be incredibly passionate about. We're not preachy, but we're open to discussion if people ever want to chat about it (not argue). In short, our reasons are for the planet, the animals and our health. Feel free to email if you want to know more.
  • Secondly, we're moving to the UK! We leave New Zealand on December 19th for a bit of a trip around Europe and then we plan to settle in Edinburgh.
  • Which leads me to my third point, and I guess the main reason for this blog post: We are documenting the whole thing - but on YouTube. If you want to subscribe to our channel you can do it here, and I'll also attempt to keep this blog updated with embedded videos too. We have been filming for a little while now and will roll out one video per week documenting the process of applying for Visas, packing up our lives, all our travels around Europe, the highs and the lows of relocating overseas and what it's like to find vegan food in different countries (the good and the bad) and the bits in between. 
So with that being said, here's video #1.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Next Chapter

Hi everyone,

I've been putting off writing this blog post but I think the time has come for me to be honest with you all so that I can move on to the next chapter in my life.

There's no easy way to say it so I'm going to jump straight in - I'm taking a break from being a blogger. Not necessarily forever, but I'm taking a hiatus to reassess and I'm open to a future where I might return to it (although in a different capacity) or I might never come back to it at all.

It's been an amazing journey of 5 and a half years and I've loved so many aspects of it along the way. I've loved meeting new people, connecting with like minds, being able to work with brands I love, learn new skills and gain opportunities that never would have been available to me otherwise.

However, I'm currently at a turning point in my life and I am not sure where blogging fits in anymore. I'm 26 years old and not in the same place I was when I started this as a 20 year old. Running around on weekends posing for outfit photos isn't as fun as it once was and the further I get through my 20's the more I realise my priorities are changing.

I work in digital marketing all day long and I love having a career I can throw myself into - so when I get home from work I'm not as eager as I once was to spend more long hours on the computer.

That being said, I am not disappearing completely. I will still be extremely active on my instagram and twitter and if you'd like to still be connected, please follow me there.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey and for sticking with me as this blog has evolved and grown over the years. It's been such an amazing part of my life and even though I feel good about my decision to move forward, I know there will be so much I will miss as well.

I am keeping my URL in case I find myself wanting to come back to this in the future, but for now I know it's best for me to take a break and enjoy other parts of my life.

Much love

Amanda x

P.S Shout out to my amazing husband for all his help with my blog as well - for learning DSLR photography for me, patiently running around shooting pictures and never complaining. I appreciate all you've done J! You guys can also follow him on instagram @jemyboy7.
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