Monday, July 28, 2008

It's been a hard days night

I've been up spewing all night and so have Rick and Emma. Jeremy some how magically managed to avoid catching whatever it is we have, even though he's been eating the same food and hanging out with the same people. Thank God for his steely immune system, cause now at least one of us can clean the kitchen of all the left over crap from Charli's party yesterday.

Blahhh i feel so gross. It's such terrible timing too cause i have an assignment due today and a doctors appointment but there's no way i'm moving more than 6 feet from the toilet so i'll be here all day. On the plus side i've lost two kg's, so that's something i guess.

Watched Rachel Ray this morning. I can't work out if i like her or not but she did have these shoes on her show. I've wanted Oxfords ever since i saw them on Alexa Chung this time last year and now everyone seems to want or have them. Sucks having no money for the things you want then feeling generic when everyone else catches up to you.

Ok. I'm back to bed for now.

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