Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And yesterday i saw you kissing flowers

I can only socialise by choice. If i'm forced into being friendly and i'm not in the mood to be, i can't smile and make conversation when i'm throwing a brick at you inside my head. I am no good at hiding emotions. So when you come over for an unexpected visit, i'm not so good with dealing with it. I use as little words as possible, mumble an excuse and quickly hide in my room. Such a fun person i am. And tonight shall be another one of these nights because i don't like to talk to people after a long day at work. Unless that person is Jeremy. Or Rick and Emma. They don't count. And if i've decided to invite you over or arranged to visit you, then you don't count either. But if i'm tired and looking forward to chilling with my book, my boy or Gilmore Girls and you come and interrupt that, don't expect much love from me. It sounds horrible, but it's just who i am.

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