Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dreaming of the future


  1. Hi :) thanks for your comment :)

    to change the header picture it's not with html, you have to click on "personalize" on the top right corner of your blog, and then on the header part "modify" and here you can upload any picture you like :)

    hope it helps :)

    nice blog :)

  2. i had that picture of the cherry blossom tree, so pretty :)

    i like this post, i may sound crazy but im already collecting things for my house one day haha. i think yours will be so cute!

  3. those pictures are all so amazing! i love creative photo's like that!

    i work at portmans in centre place =] oh yay! i love diva, one of my faves! i buy so much there its rediculous! hahaxx


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