Friday, August 22, 2008

There are stories to tell that are not songs

There is nothing hippie about my picture of Christ. The Gospels paint a picture of a very demanding, sometimes divisive love, but love it is and that's what God is. I accept the old Testament as more of an action movie: blood, lots of special effects, mass murder, adultery. The children of God were running wild, wreaking havoc. Maybe that's why they're so relatable.

But the way we would see it, those of us who are trying to figure out our Christian faith, is that the God of the old Testament is like the journey from stern father to friend. When you're a child you need clear direction and some strict discipline.

But with Christ we have access to a one-to-one relationship. In the old testament it was more one of worship and awe, a vertical relationship. The new Testament on the other hand, we look at Jesus who looks familiar, horizontal

The combination is what makes the cross.

Bono- you've changed me.

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