Monday, September 22, 2008

Get your gun and shoot the sky with me

I feel like i'm going update crazy but this is my only one for a few days cause i'm off to Auckland for my internship and to catch up with people for a few days.

Yesterday at church was amazing, both services were great- lots of chills and tears, in a good way :)

Tomorrow i'm staying at Davids and i just wanted to share some of his photos cause he's amazing and everytime i see him he's looking incredible.

For example:

(he's in the middle)

He's a gem :)

Anyway, it's time for me to get cleaning cause Laura is coming over for lunch and to feed our Gilmore Girls obsession. Nice to know someone else who owns every season and can just watch them over and over and over and then still want to watch some more. I'm not the only freak!


  1. haha yay gilmore girls! im in on the next gilmore girls party :)
    also, kelsi and i saw jeremy today, my parents are in aussie this weekend so we can do something fun at mine on saturday night? keen?
    love love love x

  2. You got a very nice blog and i love your header!! <3
    Thanks for the comments on my blog, dear. it means a lot to me.


  3. the city is Portland, Oregon.

    same as donald miller.

    you'll come visit me if i move there?
    i'll take you to powels and we'll ride bicycles through the streets to little cafes? and.. and .. visit donald's church?


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