Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've been waiting for a miracle

This is Zippora.. She first got her start in an issue of Pavement that caused the magazine to get shut down, now she's on the cover of Frankie and in French Vogue(!!!) and Russh! We've met once or twice but she's very shy. I love her style and look to pieces and was excited to see she even has her own page at The Fashion Spot now. It's always good to see New Zealanders doing well overseas!

She did some topless photos for two different issues of Russh which has caused a bit of uproar a few months back because of her age, so i decided not to post those. Call me a prude, but i usually don't think nudity is necessary in fashion photography, although it's becoming more and more common now.

I'm happy with beautiful shots like these:

What a stunner :)


  1. flip shes such a babe. where did you meet her? looks like she is from wellington. missing you bebe

  2. oh amanda, such a prude heh heh just tricking!
    i think im crashing the gilmore girls party on friday... is that ok with you? haha.
    i got the new frankie today, i just want to re-decorate my room!
    love you too :)


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