Friday, September 05, 2008

Put the needle on it

Memories of you and me, on the floor in a mess of your op shop finds from overseas. American candy, new shoes, the Beatles anthology, polaroids and time was still on our side.

I wish i could rewind the clock, turn back time, pause and appreciate it more.


  1. yeee and the wedding!
    of course its on for sat night, i dont know if you posted that comment before or after i txt you, i think before. :)

  2. beautiful post!
    these polaroids are stunning too. Where did you find them?

    oh and I can tell you losts of great places in Melbourne, im the ultimate tour guide. haha. you must check out Fitzroy, St Kilda, Carlton/Brunswick. a blog post nearer to the date saying where should I go in Melbourne, there are lots of Melbourne bloggers who will love to give you there shopping tips.

    great blog



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