Saturday, November 01, 2008

Attention: Melbourne lovers!

30 days and I will be gracing your shores on honeymoon.

Where to go? What to do? What to see? Share all!

We are big fans of food, shopping, scenery and anything cultural or a little different.

There's no reason for this. I just think it fits with my feeling of being in love. 4 weeks and i'll be a wife :)


  1. shopping:

    bourke street/little bourke street.
    chapel street.(lots of cute boutiques)
    myer central.(go to the basement)

    St Kilda

    St Kilda

    Places to go in general:
    The Dandenongs

    i may have more to add to this. haha. i have to think about it!

  2. oo so many choices. How long you staying for?

    must see places

    Chadston - shopping capitol. it is its own suburb the place is so big. But its more for mall and designer shopping. There is lots of better shopping places.

    St Kilda - check out the esplande hotel very melbourne style and grungy. luna park iconic. and ackland street is great for shopping. Also a nice beach at st kilda.

    brighton beach has the famous bathing boxes that are an icon in melbourne. worth a look.

    North Side..go to lygon street in cartlon, awesome italian food. also go to brunettis for the best hot chocolate on the planet.

    check out fitzroy (brunswick street and smith street) for more food, music, shopping. good night places. smith street has Meet Me At Mikes...its a shop always featured in Frankie. And idea would be to dig out all your frankie mags and look up the featured shops. usally hunt down the shop and youll find htta it is in an area that has lots of other funky shops.

    in the city::::
    check out a place called Cookie on swanston street. its a whole building and you go up the stairwell and youll find lots of great places along the an artbook store called metropolis bookstore..and a few little indi clothes stores..and foodie places...then once you get to the very top you are rewarded with the roof top bar and roof top cinema. very cool!!

    ok still in the city CBD... mag nation...the must see place!!!
    its on elizabeth street and just near there is lots of little arcades and laneways...just wonder around and explore them all.

    also in the city.
    go to federation square and opposite that look for a little laneway called Holister...walk down there and you'll see some famous graffiti art..FAFI's work is there. your into Yen mag? FAFI came here and did that work on the wall live for the launch of curvy 4.

    check out the young and jackson pub..iconic melbourne pub.

    catch a tram :-)

    oh and go to southbank for great a walk down southbank finsihing at crown casino. Crown will have the most amazing christmas display on whilst your here.

    and lastly QV is pretty good...awesome little chocolate shop there that i always go to.

    ok...that's the usual tour of Melbourne that i give my friends when they visit and the usually love it.

    if you want to do a day/weekend away from the city then i recommend The Dandenongs or The Great Ocean Road. both are stunning.

    um so that was a massive amount of info..hehe. shoot me an email if you have more questions. or i made a typo which i tend to do and you didnt understand. oh and were you more after art places, iconic places, shopping? the melbourne experience??

    so me any questions.



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