Thursday, October 09, 2008

Family ties

My cousin is a NZ designer- Chelsea Thorpe, and she's getting more attention lately, it's kinda surreal- a piece about her even ended up in Papermag! These are some of my favourite pieces from her latest ANZFW:

So weird, every now and then i Google her, just to see what comes up, and it's strange to see her on all these different sites.

She's my cousin on my Dad's side and it seems like that whole part of my family can do anything artistic and creative but i lucked out on those genes. Yes I study Media Arts, but unlike everyone else, my art is in the form of press releases, strategic plans and executive reports. Choice.

I have all these ideas floating around in my head but no artistic skills to put them into action.

Creativity without artisticness= frustration.


  1. Those pieces are gorgeous!

    . . . and don't worry, everyone's got creativity in them and I'm sure you'll find yours soon enough! :)

    xoxo, Saorise

  2. it's just going to say 'agape' (ancient greek for love) and yes, it's on my wrist hahaha, but it is something real personal, and from romans 8:38-39 which is my favorite verse and the first one i ever knew as a christian. getting it next saturday :)

    and thanks babe, that means a lot.

    that's so rad that your cousin is a fashion designer. i like her stuff that you posted.

    love you.


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