Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've been hyped!!

I've been invited to LookBook!!! So excited. Except for the fact that i don't own a camera or have many good photos of my outfits. But I've posted one outfit here and it's been hyped 4 times in the last hour (which i guess is sorta similar to kudos on myspace). So i'm kinda excited to be on this site!

Now who wants to buy me a digital camera for Christmas/ my wedding/ just because they love me?

Also, if anyone wants to join, it's invitation only, so let me know and i can hook you up :P haha.


  1. Hello, i found you through lookbook! I've really enjoyed reading your blog, feel free to browse mine too.

  2. oh lucky you. :-) I'm loving all the looks you've been finding there too!!! You've actually gotten me quite into the site.

  3. I just joined look book too! Your photos on there are lovely

  4. hello!
    i found you through lookbook.your looks are very nice and cute, i love!
    nad i have really enjoyedreading your blog.

    i want to join lookbook so please invite me to lookbook!!!
    i am japanese girl, i love fashion.and i started blog 3 days ago.
    and, i want to make friends with you:D

    sorry, my english may be not very good...

  5. hi!my e-mail adress is

    thanks your comment:)


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