Friday, October 03, 2008

Je t'aime!

I can't afford beautiful french furniture for our new place, so instead i'm sanding down everything we own and painting it white myself! Kind of excited to get a little crafty though.

Coveting a house full of this:


  1. oh gosh, I agree: the white French boudoir is so desirable

    Goodluck with your project

  2. you do realize that we will one day pretty much own identical houses ay? hahaha!!!
    if i had furniture to sand down and paint... i would :( ooooh maybe i can do this little book shelf thing we have...but it would look stupid cause its only one thing... hmmmm

  3. I prefer solid pine furniture much more than the flimsy laminated chipboard stuff you can get from some shops. My current pine wardrobe has lasted longer than the previous 3 put together. Below are some examples of where you can get some quality pine furniture at really good prices.


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