Monday, November 10, 2008

Beauty, by Rankin

Undecided. Thoughts?

Word of advice: if you visit his site, be careful what links you click.


  1. haha i love it how in the first image you cannot make out the girls nose... only two little slits :)
    LOVE it tho!! U could almost say, its beautiful! Lol!
    Oh dear I should go get some sleep!

  2. that's Janelle. she's pretty much become my best friend over this year. you can meet her if you're going to be at Robbies leaving thing on friday haha.
    i agree that we need to have a catch up. i love our chats, and i miss you.
    any time for you babe. what date do you get back from your honeymoon?

    and i like the second and third picture from this post. especially the second- i'm not sure why haha.

    love you.


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