Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dreaming, wishing, waiting

Thank you Daydream Lily for showing me this pretty photographer:

And today i've been browsing my love- Roland Bello- and had to share a few of my favourite finds:

I know this is a picture overload but i'm not quite ready to stop just yet.
A few more:


  1. theh thanks. > <

    Oh do I wish I was living in melb, I born there, and now i live in a small town thats 3 hours away from the wonderful city.

    But I will live there when older, and have a little massy living room =D

    I've check out your Lookbook, I really love the pic, just wish that I had one...

  2. haha that was a long comment, but that's cool cause i'm interested in your thoughts!
    i just like Obama in comparison to McCain who seems to stand for all the things Bush does and i'm not all for that. but that's crazy that it could become illegal for a minister to refuse to marry a gay couple, i just thought Obama was liberal, which i don't see as a bad thing. i didn't know think it was extreme though.
    and isn't McCain quite sick or something? and if he got in and then died(positive, i know! haha!) then Sarah Pilan would be it and apparently she doesn't do a very good job governing Alaska, never mind the whole country!
    i dunno, i don't know much about it, i'm not even old enough to vote haha.
    love you!

    i LOVE lookbook soo much
    that would mean soo much to me thank you =D


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