Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ya wanna go for a ride?

I'm annoyed.
I have class in the morning and it's FOUR hours long. FOUR. And the tutour always makes waaay too many references to how he loves his cat more than his wife. I get it already, him and his cat are tight, that's nice, but pleeeease stop dragging this class on for so long. Bah.

I think i'm just stressing cause this semester is so crazy. 4 papers plus 120 hours of internship. Plus wedding on its way. And a job. Work work work. Busy busy. SAVE. Ah.

I just can't wait to be here:

Oh honeymoon. I wish i could just skip to it. It's going to be the next fun thing i do, and it's four months away!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's been a hard days night

I've been up spewing all night and so have Rick and Emma. Jeremy some how magically managed to avoid catching whatever it is we have, even though he's been eating the same food and hanging out with the same people. Thank God for his steely immune system, cause now at least one of us can clean the kitchen of all the left over crap from Charli's party yesterday.

Blahhh i feel so gross. It's such terrible timing too cause i have an assignment due today and a doctors appointment but there's no way i'm moving more than 6 feet from the toilet so i'll be here all day. On the plus side i've lost two kg's, so that's something i guess.

Watched Rachel Ray this morning. I can't work out if i like her or not but she did have these shoes on her show. I've wanted Oxfords ever since i saw them on Alexa Chung this time last year and now everyone seems to want or have them. Sucks having no money for the things you want then feeling generic when everyone else catches up to you.

Ok. I'm back to bed for now.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Though your feathers are tattered and furled, i'll love you all your days

We saw The Dark Knight the other day. I'd been waiting for so long a. because i'm a fan of Batman and b. because oh my goodness the previews made it look like Heath did an outrageously good job. And it didn't disappoint. I was kept captivated for the whole film, which doesn't often happen for me, eg- Get Smart was great and i LOVE Steve Carell, but i found my brain wandering off at times. Anyway, for me it was the best Batman film of them all AND just the best film i've seen in a looong time. So two enthusiastic thumbs up from me and i definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it. It's a great film despite whether you're into Batman or not. I'm wondering if Christopher Nolan will do another one, cause i'm not sure he can top what he's done with The Dark Knight. Anyway, go go! See for yourself.

Seeing that movie was mine and Jeremy's last treat until honeymoon. We just made a pact so that we could really get on with building the savings account and it basically means we'll have no fun in our lives until we land in Melbourne. We're not allowed to spend any money on food (apart from groceries. No coffees, take outs, lift plus etc etc), i'm not allowed any more clothes (waaaaaa!) and Jeremy is only allowed three items, which is insane considering he works in retail, and the list goes on like that. But when we're in Melbourne with a ridiculous amount of money to waste on restaurants, shoppping, whatever the hell we want, it will all be worth it.

Right now i'm back in class. Semester two is underway.. The last semester of this degree and the last semester before marriage- it's all kinda surreal. I'm doing 5 papers this semester and working heaps, involved at church and putting the finishing touches on this wedding, so it's all kinda crazy and i don't really have many spare moments. Right now i'm supposed to be writing a feature article critique on a piece about the legacy of Yves Saint Laurent but i've hit a block so here i am. It's good to write about something i actually find interesting though, he was an amazing designer and i thank thank thank him for the Le Smoking suit and his making the androgynous look part of the vernacular (enough with this 'boho' crap already!).

Ok. Back to work. But i have a feeling this blog might actually be the one. I have a habit of making them then never using them but i think this time might just be it.

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