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Take me shopping please?

Uhh i guess i'm not used to having free time... sorry for the multiple updates lately, just don't know what to do with myself since assignments are over and i'm not working much til the wedding & honeymoon are over. Free time is a foreign concept to me. So i'll just blog away for a few days i think.

I'm craving some new additions to my wardrobe! I know these are only chain store cheapies, but my bank account isn't huge and i want all of these:

Can't wait to be in Melbourne to find treasures!!!

Vogue Italia outtakes with MK

Just released!

Her top says MK was here. Haha cute.

This weekend has been tiring for me. And when i get tired, i get irritated over nothing and can't seem to move past it so i can just enjoy myself. Bring on honeymoon and a break and refreshment. 6 sleeps to go.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conor will always have a place in my heart

Today i took a trip back a few years in my life and listened to I'm Wide Awake It's Morning by Bright Eyes.

I'd forgotten how much his words resonate with me, and now inspiring his voice is when it fills my ears.

Conor, i will always love you.

This is the first day of my life
Swear I was born right in the doorway
I went out in the rain
Suddenly everything changed
They're spreadin' blankets on the beach
Yours is the first face that I saw
Think I was blind before I met you
I don't know where I amI don't know where I've been
But I know where I want to go
So I thought I'd let you know
That these things take forever
I especially am slow
But I realized that I need you
And I wondered if I could come home
I remember the time you drove all night
Just to meet me in the morning
And I thought it was strange
You said everything changed
You felt as if you'd just woke up
And you said,This is the first day of my life,
Glad I didn't die before I met you
But now I don't care I could go anywhere with you
And I'd probably be happy.
So if you wanna be with me
With these things there's no telling
We'll just have to wait and see
But I'd rather be working for a paycheck
Than waiting to win the lottery
Besides maybe this time it's differentI mean I really think you'll like me...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh, it is love!

Ohhhh so many glorious finds!

A friend introduced me to and i'm not a vegan, but there are some amazing recipes on there! My favourite is the amazing knitted cup cakes:

I've been enjoying the work of New Zealand artist Kelly Thompson:

Photography by Chadwick Tyler:

And i also recommend some pretty photographs you can find here

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A little admiration

I want to steal their wardrobes.
Or at least get something from Elizabeth and James:
And i know some amazingly talented people:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Beauty, by Rankin

Undecided. Thoughts?

Word of advice: if you visit his site, be careful what links you click.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dreaming, wishing, waiting

Thank you Daydream Lily for showing me this pretty photographer:

And today i've been browsing my love- Roland Bello- and had to share a few of my favourite finds:

I know this is a picture overload but i'm not quite ready to stop just yet.
A few more:

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Who will it be?

Soon we will know!

New Zealanders we can vote in our own elections this Saturday. If you are eligible to vote, then DO IT! NO EXCUSE! Every vote counts.

And moving on.... (i actually love politics but that's not what this blog is about, hence why my strong opinions are missing)

My friend introduced me to Florence Broadhurst, an Australian designer who did a lot of work with patterns and wall paper design. She was murdered and there's some mystery surrounding what really went down. But i was looking at a book about her work, and some of it is a bit too retro for me, but some of it is really beautiful!

Like this japansese design:

This pretty floral:


And pretty birds:

I guess i just can't get interior design off the brain.

Well, really anything to do with houses. Everytime i hear anything about curtains or paint or furniture or pots and pans, my ears prick up. I am so ready to set up our home and be a little hermit for awhile.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home

The last 6 or so months i've been saving pictures to my computer for interior design inspiration. We start setting up our new house next week and i'm more than ready to start making it as pretty as some of these ones:

(By the way, i don't have the links to credit all these photos. I think they're mostly James Merrel and Roland Bello, but there might be some from fellow bloggers too. If you see a picture on here that you took, let me know and i'll credit you)


Living area:



I can't wait.
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