Sunday, January 25, 2009

The girl with birds in her hair

One of my best friends lives on the other side of the world, in America, and i miss her every day. We used to run about with disposable cameras, having picnics, going op shopping, watching Elizabethtown, Pretty in Pink and Amelie- capturing every moment on crappy film. Now she's gone and i miss those times and wish i could rewind and appreciate them more. She's coming back soon, but only for awhile, so until then she's my new guest blogger!

Meet Shayla:

And her gorgeous new tattoo:

She'll be posting here from time to time. Her words and thoughts are much more intriguing and poetic than mine, so i hope you enjoy them!

And before i go, i've been wanting to post about my love of Twig Hutchinson styling for awhile now, and here is why:



  1. I love these photos, and that tattoo is amazing! Great blog.

  2. I agree, a really nice tattoo :)

  3. beautiful photos :) tattoo's nice too

  4. WOW. That bathroom is incredible. Just all of the photos are!

  5. Twig Hutchinson is amazing! Thanks for introducing her!

  6. Hi Amanda!

    I tagged you and gave you an award in my latest post =]

    Have a nice day!


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