Monday, January 26, 2009

hello beauties.

what an honor to be a guest blogger on this beautiful lady's site. :)
i just wanted to introduce myself before i make my very first post.
say hello to everyone. ask how you're all doing?
answer that. i want to know..

and now, let's talk about the last 3 weeks..

Because all of a sudden,

a year and some later..

I’m finally realizing just how much I’ve shifted.

And it makes me want to make

a big list of every pro and every con

and watch the tallies compile

into composite images of us and

the kind of future that

would result from that.

Let’s draw lines on our faces and

line up our lips to form the letters,

because I can’t seem

to make words work without you.

Let’s get some liquor and some caffeine,

watch strangers blow smoke around the porch

and spend the night under the same sheets.

The heater’s broken

but our bodies aren’t.

So I’m one week removed from this,

three weeks into it;

two weeks away from a separation,

and I just keep thinking

that the new year always finds me

making this same choices.

it just wasn't the same without you there.

and it's been too long since you were.

Dearest Amanda,
Best friend of my life.
i love you, thank you for including me in your beautiful blog.
And an extra congratulations on your wedding.
:) i was holding your hand all the way down the isle in spirit and in my heart.


  1. Just read your email and having a little cry cause i miss you so much. J just went out to hire a game and when he gets back he's going to wonder what happened!

    Welcome to Here Comes the Sun :)

  2. this blog is beautiful, it really truely is!!

    i hope you dont mind if i link you :)

    thank you setyourselfonfire for your lovely comment on my blog, you are ever so sweet!!

    i will be coming back to visit again

  3. Hey! Take a look to my new shoot!

    Photographed by Michael Oats


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