Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh! Beautiful discoveries!

This morning I stumbled upon a beautiful blog, Una Bella Vita and spent ages losing myself in the beauty!

One of the best things i discovered was photography by Sarah Herman. I recognise some of her photographs from other lovely blogs but i just want to share a few of my favourites.

I love finding all these whimsical photographers that make me want to get behind the lens.

I've also been paying a visit to Rags and Scribbles this morning which has some gorgeous photographs and words too.

Today my heart hurts with longing for a camera and an ounce of talent.

(Found at Sugarock)


  1. hello dear! thank you so much for your lovely comment and for mentioning me in your blog! so sweet :) your blog is beautiful too, im going to add you to my blog list so i can check it regularly!

  2. Oh I love that blog!

    And those photos are beautiful!

    And I really love your blog too =]

  3. hehe, i thought you might like sportgirl! im so tempted to buy EVERYTHING. ha.

    wow, thats really good for AA. i live in those tights atm. ha. i bet you loved chapel street too! :D

    ps. those photos are AMAZING!

    hope your doing well :) xxx

  4. the photos are really nice - thanks for sharing :)


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