Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scrap booking

I've always wanted to make a beautiful scrap book and now i'm thinking i should get onto it! I found a blog about collage, Notpaper and the amazing work on there has inspired me to buy a pretty notebook and get going!

Look at these:

Absolutely amazing.

Do any of you guys scrap book, or make your journals look pretty with pictures and collages? I'd love to see some photos, or get some ideas!


  1. I used to be huge on scrapbooking! It is really fun, but also very time consuming. Time flies when you're having fun scrapbooking! :P

  2. Yes..teehee..I have a notebook which is a journal that is also filled with all new ideas pictures and finds...I think its amazing when u look back at the pages filled with memories and photos...i was planning on posting some pictures on my blog once i get it going one..xoxo <3

  3. awww thank yuo sweetheart, for your ever so wonderful comment :)

    i study art, and im in my frst year :) that was my first set of results and i am still so shocked!!! hehe

    oh my goodness i love this post!! amazing scrapbooks... i always have to decorate my notebooks, even if they are just for lecture notes, otherwise i find i dont want to use them!!! i have a diary/planner for uni that i find so difficult to use because it is dull as i havent attacked it yett, i really must :)

    hope your having a lovely lovely week!

  4. ive got few scrapbooks, its really fun and also inspiring! you should def give it a try


  5. I had scrapbook until I was about 16, then I just stopped... lack of time (and will) I suppose.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say you have a lovely blog & I added you to my links ^^


  6. such a darling little idea! i've actually had the best of intentions of starting a scrap book with a moleskin notebook, but i've been so busy. i think you should, though. it'll look so pretty. gosh. i forget if i've gone on your blog before, but it's so pretty, i was wondering if you would like to trade links?

  7. How lovely...I used to be on - I used it like a scrapbook.
    Your scrapbook looks beautiful..

  8. my sister does amazing scrapbooks for my nieces!
    i miss you alot babe!

  9. these are amazing !
    they're the top .

    & i would post photos of my 'scrapbook', but it's also a diary .. :]


  10. wow great scrapbook your header is great too. nice place here.

  11. hi there! you have a wonderful blog, i just discovered it and have fallen in love! <3

    i journal all the time, have been since i was very tiny! i have bunched that i fill with anything and everything i feel like, post its, paintings, drawings, sketches, things i find on the street, notes i find in pockets.. its more a complete random mish-mash of my life than a scrapbook but i love it!

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  18. I do have a diary and I loooove spending my time writing and drawing. I cut a lot of images and texts from my magazines. I have a stock of images in an envelop and I usually pick images which are related to my mood :) Once you try, you can't do anything else !


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