Friday, January 23, 2009

You are beautiful

French photographer Thierry Bouet is AMAZING!!! He takes photographs of newborns, within their first few hours of life and the results make my eyes well up with tears.

Oh my goodness aren't they the sweetest things.

I've also discovered Michael Oats photography blog showcasing his work and filled with beautiful and interesting images.

A few favourites:

This weekend all i'm going to do is curl up with the hubby and watch episode after episode of Boston Legal. Definition of a perfect weekend.


  1. Hmmmmm well on weheartit... you know when you have the long list of like 20 pictures and they are little squares> you just click on one...and then I just save it to my computer so I can upload them onto blogspot better. But your computer might be messed up, because weheartit reeeally screws up my computer.

  2. amazing photo's.
    with a name like here comes the sun i have to link you!


  3. Gr8 pics! Sweet babies!!! And the last one by M. Oats with the big sunglasses-love it! :)


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