Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Her time has come!

Oh i am so happy that Kate Winslet has finally recieved an Oscar in recognition of her work. She is so amazing and beautiful and talented and one of the few actresses in hollywood that i admire.

The hubby and i watched Titanic yesterday in celebration. It's so funny watching that movie (ok, not funny, actually devastating) but who knew when i was a just a kid when that came out, that both Leo and Kate would go on to become my favourite actor and actress?!

And this has absolutely nothing to do with this post but i thought i'd share a pic from a pirate party on the weekend.

So the question now is, who is your favourite actor and favourite actress and you can only pick ONE of each. Tell me one girl, one guy, and why for both, i'm so curious!

I love Johhny Depp & Michael Cera too (yes i cheated and mentioned more, but i'm allowed, it's my blog hehe) but number one favourites are Kate and Leo.

In a few days i'll share who the number one girl guy are in our little blogging world!


  1. I don't think I have a favorite actor or actress. Kate Winslet is indeed lovely and talented though. I think that Eva Green and Penelope Cruz are both beautiful. I do believe that Leonardo DiCaprio is becoming a legend. I liked the pre-Pirates Johnny Depp - the roles he accepts seem to have changed after Pirates.

  2. she is stunning. and i love her accent =)

    ps. your pirate party sounds too cute!


  3. yay!!!!!! im so excited about kates oscar, it is amazing :):):) i come from the same little town as her, in england (Reading), and went to the same secondary school!!!!! her mum and dad still live in reading, right near my friends house!!! its amazing amazing and i cannot believe it!!! everyone is celebrating at home right now, and i am stuck at uni!
    she is my absolute favourite actress also!

    my favourite actor is probably johnny depp, because he is amazing and hilarious also!

    thank you for coming back and reading my post, your ever so sweet!! i cannot wait to be a mumm also, however im still a tad young i think. must finish uni first!
    awww, your answer to my question was so cute!!!!! thank you :)

    take care lovely one, hugs!!

  4. I love Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow! Johnny because he is smoking hot [lol] and he is just amazing! He can play any character and do an amazing job! Gwyneth because she is just classy and elegant. She also does a wonderful job acting too.

    I love them! :)

  5. Cute picture!

    Grrr I have to pick one?
    Well then it's Johnny and Keira. I can't help myself, I love them so.

  6. i was really happy when she got the oscar. i really want to see ''the reader''..
    that photos is so pretty! aghh. i want to go to partys like thease, with costumes, they're the best.
    fave actor? hmmm. i love Jim Sturgess XD ,but actress? i really don't have one.. i like scarlet j. and kristen dunst, but i dont think they are my fave..


  7. welll. since i write on this blog too, i get to post more than one too.

    my girls are Claire Danes, Kirsten Dust, and Natalie Portman..

    annnnnd.. my boys are Adam Brody , michael cera, and Ryan Reynolds.

    :) i love hollywood.

  8. Oooh wow, i didn't knew!
    I am sooo happy too!
    Kate is fantastic...a gorgeous woman with a gorgeous figure and her acting is just magnificent and always really touches me.

    Hope you're great, my dear!


  9. my fav actor is Michael Cera ♥
    and my fav actress is America Ferrera! ^__^

  10. she is beautiful!
    and i love titanic although i cry every time i watch it

  11. Abbie Cornish in her Candy and Somersault roles.

    Hmm male wise, um....Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

  12. yay for kate winslet! i love her too. i also have a soft spot for natalie portman. and for boys... right now i have to say james franco. oh my goodness he is gorgeous.
    love your blog, sweetie. that pirate party picture is adorable.

  13. Yeah for Kate Winslet love! I am so happy she won. I don't think I can choose just one actor and actress. I am so amazed by so many people with talent that it would be impossible to choose.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog also. I love this blog and I will add it to my blog roll. i wanna make sure I do not miss another post :)

    Have a great day!


  14. Audrey Hepbern forever!
    and a guy...I don't know.. Brad Pitt at "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

  15. kate is up there for me, but i have so many. you pirate picture is adorable.

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  17. oh yes! kate is amazing. i was so pleased when she won.

    p.s thank you for your lovely comment on my blog

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  19. i'm excited aswell, i think kate really deserved it.
    my fave actress hass to be very hard to say, I love penelope cruz, nathalie portman and scarlett.
    for the men, I'll go with johnny.

  20. Kate has been looking extra beautiful lately! Love her!

    ~ Montreal Fashion Minds ~


  21. I might be in love with her, is that okay?


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