Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Open your eyes

Do you ever find a photographer or blogger that makes you think- why is their life so wonderful and mine so dull?

Yyellowbird does that to me. I would like to enter her world for a day.

I'd sit and think outside in the glorious sun

I'd explore old buildings and make up stories about the people that once lived there

I'd curl up to sleep and dream of other worlds

I'd play dress ups with my friends

And relax in my perfectly messy room

Wearing the most beautiful clothes

And playing like a child

My house would be full of beautiful things

And i'd holiday in a rustic old campervan

Wouldn't that be fun!

One more thing, i have been given another award!

Candace at My Fair Lady has given me this:

I'm also meant to write ten facts about myself, but i feel like i shared enough with the Honest Scrap award so i'm going to skip straight to passing this on!

I'd like to tag...
The Yellow Elephant
Tiger Milk


  1. thank you girly, this is a great post too..took me away for a second..:)

  2. Actually, lots of photographers/bloggers do that to me. But I try to think it's because they have this super ability to capture life stills in the most beautiful way and I don't, haha.

  3. Wow, I am jealous too. Mmmm those were nice photos.

    Yay! I can't wait for my package! It'll be so fun! Course I do have to work on my mother, but I'm sure I can do it.

    And the location of my photo is..My backyard. =]
    My dad built a giant treehouse with a suspension bridge.

  4. your blog is so beautiful and delicate!


  5. I do adore Yyyellowbird's pieces, they are just wonderful!

  6. i know what yorue saying...and woah. those pictures are gorgeous!

  7. yes yes. i think that all the time. why do other people live in prettier towns/homes, have better clothes and nicer things. and more importantly better cameras. it's all very disconcerting at times. however, your blog is all sorts of lovely, so you've got nothing to worry about.

    by the way, my first time here.

  8. i know exactly what you mean.
    i experience bloggerlifeenvy alll the time .


  9. yes - all too often. I often wonder if I would feel better about my own life if I had some fantastic photographer following me around all day perfectly capturing all the beautiful moments I somehow manage to miss.

  10. yyellowbird is pretty amazing.
    arh, the blog-envy thing, it never ends!
    this is such a lovely post.

  11. lindas fotos..ame tu blog desde la primera vez que lo vi..yo acabo de hacer el mio..espero que lo visites algun dia :)


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