Sunday, February 22, 2009

The quiet things that no one ever knows

Give me some pretty paper, stencils, an old typewriter & scissors and let me pass the time

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It's been a long week filled with computer viruses and long, boring hours at work.
This week i have a wedding to look forward to and two extra days off work, so i have a smile on my face.
If you've been promised a package from me, i haven't forgotten, it just takes so long to make so many and to save my pennies to send them so far away. But they will arrive in good time :)
What is in store for you this week lovelies?

Edit: Just to clear something up, as i think there may have been some confusion... All the artwork i have displayed on my blog is my inspiration, not my own personal work. I always always provide a link to the original source of the artist, so i'm sorry that it seemed like i made these collages when i didnt :( I didn't mean to mislead anyone, i just put them up because they're beautiful and inspire me to make something beautiful myself.


  1. awww...these are so cute and beautiful. i wish i could make something like that-it's so pretty :)
    maybe i'll feature it on my next blog post...
    can't wait to get your package, dear.
    whats in store for me this week? Nothing much, just came back from a jaunt into the city with a few friends...
    Just relaxing and enjoying the weekend...

  2. wow!this is beutiful! i think i love the owl one the most, but they are all so wonderful! you seriosly are sooo talanted!

  3. wowwwwwwwwwww
    i love the first icyure

  4. gorgeous! thanks for sharing :)

  5. such a sweet post! thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. i love yours as well. the model (or models?) in your last post is the cutest things ever!

  6. those pictures are so sweet, and weddings are so wonderful, i hope you have a wonderful time.

  7. waaaww its an amazing work!!! i like it all!!! you are super super talented! your work is so inspiring! from now on i will explore more! (now days i just do drawing thing,,,) :D

    love your blog!

  8. those are amazing, very inspirational indeed. :)

  9. These really are lovely, I would love to see where this inspiration takes you! I'm terrible with crafts, whenever i try it looks nothing like I had hoped so I give up. So all respect to you for working away at something I have no doubt is wonderful!

  10. ah tell me about it!

    i've been growing mine ever since i had short hair- so a cut is way overdue and my hair is actually so dead now. i think i'll have to go for a trim if i want it to grow any longer..but they'd have to cut heaps off :(

    we will get there one day..

    love you.

  11. Yes, I'm new. Thanks so much. Lovely blog you have...<3

  12. Aww these photos are so cute. I love the owl in the last one!

  13. awww. how sweet this is. I adore this post wholeheartedly :)

  14. wowowwow
    thank youuuuuuuu
    i jsut kept starin now at"smile like you mean it"
    hmm nice words

  15. Wow, those are AMAZING!!! I love them.

  16. I love the second image. Collaging is one of my favourite things to do. I have posted some of my art on my blog, see if you like it :)

  17. Thanks for introducing me to that website, I'm always looking for artistic inspiration!

  18. Gorgeous post sweetheart!
    Very inspiring...
    Of course you son't mislead anyone. If you put the link of the artist with their work, it's always okay!

  19. these are beautiful!


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