Monday, February 02, 2009

Coughing up colours

she hung with thieves, kicked up dirty leaves, she was a maniac, no ones heart attack

she got around, slept on the bad side of town, she was cooler than you, way cooler than me

she was true, all blinded and bruised, she didn't give a fuck, no she had given up, she was alive

she was caught on fire, she was everything, she was all of this

she opened up and laid it all right there, she said, I don't mind, no, no I don't care, I'll help you shovel out my shallow hole

and I know, I know they're threatening, but at least we're not the ones carrying, such heavy heavy heavy stoning stones

and yeah I know they'll get you down, they'll do you in and they'll drag it out, 'cause me and you, we are one of a kind.

she liked to lose, never wore Sunday shoes, she found her luck in wells and corner, stores and jails, she was crazy

a downtown kind of baby, always dangerous, she got me down on my knees, she made it rain, she called the wind and then it came

oh, with the wave of her hand, she brought the sunshine right in, she was the sky

beyond steeple and the choir, oh, the preacher's amen, his hallelujah child

so when your bones are broke and you're all alone, and the fog's so thick you can't see up close, just know that I will end up strangled, too

and when the floods they come all rushing in,and the boat is full and you can't get inoh, it's okay if you don't want to swim

and when you're swallowed up, oh, don't you cry, just give right in, don't try to fight, 'cause baby I wouldn't pay no mind, there's nothing you can do.

they'll have you coughing up your colors
they'll have you coughing up your colors

they'll have you coughing up your colors
they'll have you coughing up your colors

she sang the blues, out of time and out of tune, spoke no silver spoon, only simple truths, she was a friend, stabbed backs and broke plans

she would give you her coat, or put nails through her hand, she was wise, full of magic and life, oh, you could see it in her eyes

she was more than this, yeah, way more than this, she was everything, she was all of this.

Photography by:
Christopher Ferguson
Marcelo Gomes
Bec Parsons
Scott Lowe


  1. all those pictures u posted are great!! U got good taste in photography ^^ well thank u very much!! so glad u decided to follow<33 & I will too ^.^
    and well i start officially blogging in the beginning of January 2009 :3

  2. lovely photos :)
    and thanks for the little award!

  3. Great photos! I want to be on that beach- so gorgeous...

  4. Ah, gorgeous, and relaxing somehow.

  5. i love love love this post! what beautiful pictures. and i love tilly and the wall. yay. and i love you.

  6. the words are lovely! are they from a song?

    the pictures are breathtaking

  7. georgeous post. Your blog is really beauty and u have very good taste too.

  8. oops. i can't believe that i haven't visited your blog before! everything here is just soo adorable, inspiring and dreamy.

    love, love, love.

  9. wow lovely pictures. the text, is it from a song?


  10. thank you for the lovely comment about my blog! <3
    the photos and words in this post are beautiful! the girls with their pretty long hair, i am envious.
    you should definitely try journalling with pictures and drawings and notes, i love looking back through my old journals and seeing how i've changed over the years both through my words and in what i choose to add to my journals.

    take care
    sara xx

  11. Amazing stuff...yeah, that's a lame, non-descriptive quote, but it'd be lame to say your words here remind me of a Wallace Stevens' poem...and the photos, the colors, the ocean...I can never seem to say anything intelligent about pictures....anyway, please accept my appreciation for your incredible blog....

  12. Hey, I found yer blog through...somebody else's...where you probably left a comment and I probably found setyourselfonfire an intriguing name...which it is...maybe Una Bella Vitabr? Anyway, love yours....

  13. i just love this blog. such wonderous pictures. xx


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