Sunday, February 15, 2009


Lisa Place has a gorgeous blog. I can't understand a word but the pictures are enough to captivate me.

I've also been given an award from The Drifter and the Gypsy

And i'd like to pass it onto my long time favourite and the first blog i ever followed- Daydream Lily

And my beautiful Jenna from Oh, Bother has given me an award too, so thank you!

And i'd like to give it to LaLa.

Lastly, one of my closest friends has just made a blog. She's beautifully talented and crafty, so look out for some inspiring posts coming up in the future. Maybe you could visit her page and welcome her to blogging?

Rachel Hope

Have a great weekend lovelies. Don't cause too much trouble xo


  1. thank you sweetie. you make me smile :-) (see big smile)

    PS i havent forgotten you mixtape, im just a slacker!! ill make you an extra goodie for being such a slacker.

  2. ps, me the slacker...not calling you a slacker (just clarifying. haha)

    oh and the images don't seem to load for me. but I do love that blog you linked. I really like the layout like my layout to be something like that.

  3. I just wanna said Thank U! Because you were my first post and that was so excited because I love your blog!

  4. What a beautiful blog that is (the images didn't load for me either, so I checked out the link you provided).
    Your friend's wedding picture is lovely :)

  5. Lovely post dear!
    But the pictures from Lisa's blog don't work, they never do when you copy them straight from

    Have a beautiful weekend yourself,


  6. thank you..and in a perfect world, i will be doing all of the above (directing, writing, producing..) but i think im going to focus on directing. im so excited

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