Tuesday, March 03, 2009

7 things

My dearest Daydream Lily has tagged me to list 7 things about myself so here we go...

1. I'm a real home-body. I love relaxing at home with the hubby and watching movies and making yummy food.

2. I have a degree in Media Arts but i'm not using it at the moment, but i hope to one day.

3. I collect dvd's. The collection is nearing 100 at the moment & ranges from cult classics, art house, film noir, gangster, to comedy and cute french films. Oh and my childhood favourites.

4. I'm left handed.

5. I'm spending 18 days in Mozambique this year.

6. I love notebooks and journals & you can find them on every surface in my house and in every bag i own.

7. Andddd... i think there are so many pretty and amazing blogs & i'm constantly inspired by all the incredible stuff you guys manage to find and show the world. I love it!

Now i tag..
End of March

Photo's from Australian Vogue, model Rosie Tupper.


  1. I'd like to know about your degree, was it a bit like Fine Art?

  2. im a lefty. leftys are the bestttt! teehee

  3. Your blog is filled with such beautiful and inspirational pictures... i really love it.

  4. Sounds good, there are people in my university doing similar degree's. I'm doing a Fine Art degree, and I plan to be a teacher (I've done youth work and planned workshops before)

    It's really awesome, though we are trained to think like an artist who has to sell their work. I'm not aiming to sell my work so I feel that's a little pointless..

  5. you are beautiful and i hope i see you soon, i need to come visit! x

  6. yippie for LEFTIES, were awesome. Maybe ill start the lefties club. hehe.

    that model is gorgeous, by the way is also came with the blog arawrd, cause i love your blog!

    PS. ive gotten you a little present, now i just have to get my butt in to gear and go to the postoffice, whats your address again? email me dear.


  7. Thank you for the tag!
    I'm kind of a home-body too. oh, and I hope your trip to Mozambique will be amazing!


  8. i'm a home body too.
    i get all dressed up to stay at home and read a book or cook something. :)


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