Monday, April 27, 2009

What a hoot!

Once again one of my favourite blogs, Where the Lovely Things are, has given me some joy, with a post about an adorable little owl that climbs around on furniture.

Found at beautiful etsy store 5 Gardenias this glamorous little owl is photographed getting up to mischief in drawers, on tables and with tea cups! Far more interesting than just on a plain white background.

What are your favourite etsy accounts? Or do you sell some goodies yourself? Send me links and recommendations!


  1. oh gosh, so many beautiful owlies in your latest post. jealously isn't bad for friendship i'm sure of it!!!

    love you =)

  2. My fav etsy accounts are: TimelessTrinkets (
    They have super cute vintage pieces., is another really great one, they often have this gorgeous gold octopus necklace for sale., is another fav vintage seller. Check out the gold silk bow necklace. It is super cute!!


  3. i'm glad you thought the glamourous owl was as much of a hoot as i did, haha

  4. oh, he is darling!

    a couple of my favorite etsy accounts:

  5. so gorgeous!!!!! best etsy product photos ive ever seen.

  6. cute little teacup and pot!! it's hard to pick favorites on Etsy there is soooo much great stuff

  7. the little owl is very pretty. and the background does make it more interesting to look at =)


  8. aww those owls are a hoot. great photos! i'd love to join his tea party.

    i have an etsy shop with Peace Owls. You can find it here: i hope they make you smile. ☺

    have a lovely day!!

  9. Aw man I love etsy & the people that put so much personality into how they sell stuff. I haven't been on in so long. This will now change.

    Beautiful photos.

  10. That is the cutest thing ever! wow.

  11. How amazing is all that mini vintage furniture, I want furniture like that in my house! Lucky Mr Owl.

  12. yeah i do love that top... unfortunately it isn't mine, i borrowed from my friend leah, she has the best clothes.

  13. How gorgeous!!!

    I want to get some miniature furniture for my jewellery now ;)

  14. heya i love your newest opsession :) hehe!
    very cute!
    you should scan in the owl u painted!
    i have loads of cute esty shops for you 2 u i will make a list and send to you! :)

  15. Pretty! I'm so inspired to take cuter photos for my etsy listings.

  16. omg this is the cutest thing on earth.. it made me giggle so much!
    love it!

  17. So wonderful!! I am so glad you found this so I can too :) Just hearted her shop..

    Have a wonderful Saturday! xx

  18. awwwwwwwww...
    these are so cute!!!

  19. wow lovely blog and so many lovely inspirations :)

    ill be back to visit you for sure :)
    a bientot and bon week end !
    Boubou xx


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