Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a minute in...September

(picture credit)

I think i kind of forgot about this for the last couple of months maybe? But it's time to bring it back! So here we go:

Watching... Band of Brothers with the hubby... it keeps him happy :) And out of most war programs or movies I've seen, BOB is probably the best

Reading... Relevant Magazine. It's about music, God & progressive culture and the articles are always so interesting. Zooey Deschanel was on the cover this month.

Drinking... tea tea tea. every type- green tea, lemon tea, english breakfast, early grey etc. Can't get through the day without a hot drink.

Eating... healthy for once! Trying to shape up for summer so I'm cutting out sugary treats and getting back into fresh fruit and veges.

P.s make sure you check out my giveaway below, there's still a few days left. I'm really enjoying reading all your answers to my question!

p.p.s just noticed i wrote "picture credit" but then never attached the link and now i can't find it... it's from a blog i found recently. if it's yours let me know so i can credit you! sorry!


  1. Hello lovely, I GAVE YOU AN AWARD! Because I love your blog so much! You seriously have the best things to share! Thanks!

  2. oh im going to do one too, I forgot the last few months.
    And Im trying to get into shape too for the summer and holidays. I'm cutting my chocolate right back. Got any good workout plans or tips?

  3. Love this. And I love English Breakfast tea; I almost can't make a day without it!
    And I saw a part of Band of Brothers as part of my history class last year, and I remember it was really, really good!

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  5. ow, how i love the pictures of this blog! The beautifully nostalgic, romantic and dream atmosphere. good job,girl!

  6. go amanda! i know what you mean by getting in shape! i have been considering a gym membership honestly eeek! hehe! :)
    love the great photography!

    ps:i miss you!

  7. What a beautiful, magical entry! I have never heard of Relevant Magazine but it sounds really cool.

    And tea!

  8. You always find the most amazing and lovely photos, Amanda. It's a real gift right there! :) And yes, the Band of Brothers really is one of the best war programmes around. Wow, I haven't heard of Relevant magazine, but it sounds really interesting! Plus it has Zooey on the cover - I'm so there! Gotta love that girl.

    Thank you for your very sweet comment, love. It really and truly made my day! :) It's really awesome to find someone else who loves our awesome God as well. Have a happy, dreamy weekend, lovely!

  9. And I am so grateful for other people who can appreciate tee beautiful things in life!

  10. The pictures are beautiful :)
    And, I agree, nothing beats a good cup of teaaa :)

  11. mmmm tea!Cinnamon tea is my favourite at the moment. Is relevant magazine an american publication? I haven't heard of it before

  12. i loveee band of brothers. and tea (:

  13. Hi, beautiful blog! You have'nt had word about where the photo came from yet by any chance?
    Sarah x

  14. Interessanter Beitrag


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