Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blog of the week: A salute to the fashion bloggers

This week I thought I would give a shout out to my favourite fashion bloggers instead of just selecting one blog of the week. These guys are all so creative with the way they dress and i love catching up on all their posts to see what they'll come up with next.

Sometimes I almost want to have another blog- Here Comes the Sun- Fashion, but I don't think i actually own enough clothes to make it as exciting as they do! So until my wardrobe miraculously grows I'll just keep enjoying what these guys have to share.

Do you guys follow any fashion blogs? Who? Let me know!

And happy weekend to you all xxx


  1. Great Salute - all creative and beautiful with their own sense of fashion know-how!

  2. Cherry blossom is darling
    I love 4th and bleeker

  3. They're all great, but I must say that I'm a very big fan of the Swedish girls... here I leave you some links!

    Elinkan: The cutest girl I've ever seen!

    Niotillfem: sandra is simply gorgeous

    And Emma, a lovely lover of retro-style!

    Enjoy them :)

  4. totally in LOVE with cherry blossom!
    good call.

  5. I follow a lot of fashion blogs, although i mostly don't blog about fashion, it's what brought me to blog myself.
    I love and I've been following since I don't know when. It's so great to see how the style of people evolves. And I also recommend underbaraclara ( ! Although I don't understand a word. Her photos, her style, her home are so beautiful!

  6. I love luluandyourmom, seaofshoes & karlascloset


  7. I love your favourites, I am a big fan of The Cherryblossom Girl myself. She makes the most beautiful pictures and has gorgeous pieces in her closet!

    I would love to see some of your photos! You have such nice inspiration, I think you put wonderful outfits together :-)

    My favourite blogs at the moment are:

  8. you will find fashiolinks in my blogroll ;)

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  10. i love the cherry blossom girl. the other blogs, i have not visited yet, but am checking them out not. :)
    some lovely links are;

    Liebemarlene Vintage:

    The Clothes Horse:

    Hello Mr. Fox





  12. Babe, One day soon we will get you more clothes! I love you!

  13. yay, thanks for all the new blogs to adore.

    i was going to suggest Elinkan too as Shakiel did.
    Elin is so wonderful !

  14. All of these girls have awesome blogs...the cherry blossom girl always has the prettiest pictures.

  15. Lovely post! I love fashion blogs, especially ones with such great quality photos like these. Lisa place (how did you copy her photographs??I've been wanting to do a post on her for ages but for some reason i cant copy her pictures) and cherry blossom girl are two of my favourites. Niotillfem and Elinkan and What Is Reality Anyway are all other favourites of mine

  16. hello! I follow a blog...

    so intresting, photos about people on the stret, see there


    sorry about my english...

  17. is porn the only winner during credit crunch?


  18. Thank you :-) you should look at this emo boy one on this blog:

  19. I follow Seecreatures (part fashion), Seaofshoes and have read fashiontoast before :)
    Just found your blog today xx

  20. I would like to say thank you for your photography talent ideas!I looked your blog & your photos are already pretty sensational!It seems like you learned a lot!


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