Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In need of a little advice:

Hey guys, I really really want to get a film camera but I need some advice. I've NEVER owned any kind of camera before- not even a digital one! So i don't really know what to look for so I was wondering if you could send me in the right direction?

Firstly before you start telling me about expensive camera's my budget for this is pretty small. AND i have no problems with getting a crappy little camera that takes average quality pictures because there's something charming about that. But i don't want one that's going to die the day after I buy it.

So let me know what you think would be good!

(p.s beautiful pics from here)


  1. we have this awesome old kiev 15 ( here's a photo of it: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wayside_violet/3154019491/in/set-72157603618393798/ ) it's takes fab photos like this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/asilentthing/3182862847/in/set-72157612373835724/

    I got it on ebay for about $30 I think and the film isn't too expensive.

  2. if you want to get into photography you should get an old school SLR. you can get them on ebay for around $100. My brother just got a nikon one and he is liking it even more then digital photography.

  3. Im definately with DaydreamLily,
    if your looking at getting a film camera, im pretty sure you are going to want to get a 35mm SLR, it was my first proper camera too.

    Im going to reccomend getting a Nikon or Canon camera - but the first SLR that i brought was a pentax and it worked awesome, infact I still have it.

    Maybe something like this...http://www.trademe.co.nz/Electronics-photography/Film-cameras/35mm-SLR/auction-248988198.htm


    even though this is a little bit older, its going relatively cheap and could be something you might be interested in... http://www.trademe.co.nz/Electronics-photography/Film-cameras/35mm-SLR/auction-247809042.htm

    If you wanna talk about anything else or need any advice, hit me up beauty :) Only happy to help.

  4. i have a pentax slr i picked up in a junk shop for $20. it takes great shots. they're simple and they're a class. a man in a camera store told me it was about 20 years old.
    maybe try antiques and charity stores before purchasing an expensive one?

  5. i don't know much on buying cameras, for i have only had one camera in my life, and it's digital, though i really want a diana f+. i think they are lovely.
    but gosh, an SLR sure is lovely.
    i really should, start saving to get a SLR or diana f+.
    sorry, i was really no help.

  6. agree with daydream lily! you should check out thrift shops and ebay of course. for sure get a used one to start if you can find one cheap. aslo, as others below have said the little lomography film cams are fab! I have a few of them and they are really fun to play with, you can't do as much as an slr, but they all have their own traits! def. stick to under $100 <3

  7. agree, an old school slr would be best.

    however i do have a lomo lca+ and while serious photographers say it's a far cry from a real camera, i do enjoy the photos that come out of it immensely :)

    p.s. love pics!

  8. agree, an old school slr would be best.

    however i do have a lomo lca+ and while serious photographers say it's a far cry from a real camera, i do enjoy the photos that come out of it immensely :)

    p.s. love pics!

  9. Hey have a look on Trade Me what exactly is your budget? If you like you borrow one of my Nikon Film cameras I have two of them. SLR are the best for sure and I actually prefer film to digital anytime, have you thought about a Box Brownie? They are super antique and therefore take those kinds of pics.

  10. I agree. You should get a camera! I like the photos.

  11. for beginners... I always suggest to go with a Nikon. Dive right in and get an SLR or just get a Point and Shoot and enjoy! :)

  12. Your best bet is an old slr. My absolute favorite is a minolta, and the best film is the super cheapie film you buy at the dollar nook.

    I hope that helps. I have some photos on my flickr of the minolta.


  13. I quite like Pentax as well. Also, if you'd like a camera you can play with, that won't be your daily camera, I think a Holga is really cute. You may be limited to what you do, but gosh they're the darnest things! Fredflare.com sells Holga kits for $75.00 :)

  14. Hi:)
    It kinda depends on what you wanna do with it. When you're good with photoshop &stuff you can make plain digital photo's look old,retro,vintage.
    And then you better buy a digital camera like a casio or a nikon. you can get good ones around 100 euro.
    I bought one of those, 'cause I wanted my pictures always and automatic be sharp and good lighten.
    (I can always change them in photoshop otherwise.)
    Just for clear vacation photos & everything.
    I'm curious what you'll choose!

    Good luck!

  15. I would just like to say to tiffany why do you think that Nikons are for beginners????? Thats just funny. Nikon and Canon are voted as the best two camera models around!

  16. I absolutely love Lomography so I'd say, go for a Holga or Diana+. They're cheap, plastic and totally awesome.

    Check out http://holgagraphy.blogspot.com/ to see some Holga photographs.

  17. i'd just go to an op shop and find an old camera, that way if it doesn't work, then fine.. it wasn't a waste of money.

    my favorite camera so far is my diana+ dreamer.
    it was 70 dollars.
    it's all manual, and no flash- but you can buy add ons for it.. like flash, and it even has an instant film add on you can buy that is somewhat like a polaroid.
    it's a lomography camera.. so all the photos turn out like a dream.

    even if you can't afford it right now, it's totally worth budgeting for.. 70 for a camera isn't so bad.

    plus you learn a lot about photography jsut from reading the instructional book that comes with it, since it's all manual.

  18. i bought my 35mm from a thrift store for $8 and it works like a dream. i have several cameras from thrift stores, all of which were ridiculously inexpensive. some work, some have their quirks and therefore sit on the shelf collecting dust, but well worth the risk.

  19. you can search vintage cameras on ebay, thats where i got one of mine. Also try opshops for simple point and shoot. The Holga 120N camera is fantastic and is really cheap on ebay. I got mine for under 25 dollars, i recommend it! Good Luck!

  20. you would totally dig a HOLGA. I got one about 8 months ago and I was already in love with it before it arrived to me in the post. There are many varieties and it shoots with 120 film. You can double expose, shoot between frames, add colour flash... it really is endless.

  21. Check out the lomography cameras. I have a Diana and Holga. You can get more accessories for the Diana but can convert the Holga to take regular 35mm film. Either way they create gorgeous photos.


  22. First of all, all the replies I read here are valid - a camera is a very personal choice, and I'd go as far as to say that only after playing about with different types of cameras you'll find the "ideal" one.

    However, here's my advice anyway :-)

    If you want small, simple, with gorgeous results ( and durable too!) I'd go for an Olympus 35 Trip. It never let me down and it has a huge fanbase on Flickr!

    If you want an SLR to learn on, you might want to consider something like a manual Pentak KX or similar. The Pentax itself is bigger than the Olympus Trip but its just as durable and its recognised to be an excellent camera to learn on!

    This is about it! Drop me a line if you have any questions!



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