Friday, October 02, 2009


(pictures from this lovely blog here.)

I get so much joy from looking at pictures of other people's houses (how creepy sounding of me!) But it just gives me so many ideas and so much inspiration. People are so creative with how they decorate!

Anyway it's the weekend here in New Zealand now! Which means for me- a little bit of work to get through and then a fun weekend with friends: Saturday night the boys are getting together to watch a boxing match so all the wives and girlfriends are getting together to do something fun (not sure what yet, but will hopefully involve cheesecake and wine!). Looking forward to it!

Happy weekend friends :)


  1. i am sorry...all the cheesecake is gone!!! but wine indeed :)


  2. I adore other's appartement photos!!!
    There are so many nice ideas of interior decoration...!

    I'd love endind my life in a nice and cosy english cottage, by the sea, with animals in my garden!
    This is my dream!

  3. Haha, I know what you mean. Thanks to the internet and so many wonderful blogs and online mags, we can decor-creep to our hearts' content! That quilt looks so cozy.

  4. i LOVE to look at interiors, esp. more 'messy' and 'lived in' ones that are still beautiful

  5. I am new to your blog... I love it! You have quite an eye for visual beauty... and I know what you mean about enjoying looking at other people's homes! It's not creepy at all. That is how many people express their creativity. I have a great friend, who has the best feeling for decorating and i always look forward to visiting her space.

    Thanks for sharing all that you do!

  6. i love photos of people's houses, too. they're so elegant.
    sounds like you're in fot a fun weekend. cheesecake sounds so great right now.. :D

  7. these are lovely! i've just discovered your blog and i'm in love with all the beautiful photos you've posted here!

  8. these are great photos. I have a huge thing for quilts. Such a grandma!


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