Sunday, October 04, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things...

Things making me happy right now:
* Spending time with family
*Rearranging my house and putting up new photo's and art
*Drawing... i've decided to try it again! It's been a few years but i've busted out the coloured pencils and i'm giving it a go. I drew a picture of Zooey Deschanel that i think turned out ok
*Eating healthy & exercising. Lots of salads and fruit and lunges and squats going on in this household!


  1. These photos are spectacular!

    Here's to enjoying your happy list!

  2. oh my these pictures are amazing. Ive been cleaning and rearranging the house too. I went and got fresh flowers today to make the place all pretty. It feels so nice having some fresh flowers, finally feels like spring time!!

  3. love the photos....lunges and squats are hell, but magic ass-makers.

  4. i LOVE the photos, especially the one with the skirt making a half moon!

    I feel for ya, just this afternoon I went through my box of art stuff and came across some canvases that I made 3 years ago. It was fabulous!

  5. Ohmigosh I love Zooey Deschanel! You should post the drawing, I'd lo-o-ove to see it! :D
    Cat xx

  6. These pictures are exquisite and makes me wish wish wish that spring weather would stay in Wellington!

  7. Gorgeous photos!
    I feel sad listening to all you southern hemisphere bloggers talking about Spring though, when every day is getting colder here! So jealous!
    You should show us your illustration of Zooey!

  8. So so pretty! I've been loving your blog recently, and those pictures are gorgeous.

  9. Gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous!

    Oh yes, rearranging feels good. Just decorating anything in general. And eating healthy feels so good, but I've been doing HORRIBLY with that. But good job! =]

    Can we see the drawing?

  10. Good call, I would love to get into drawing again. It's so relaxing to get lost in your own little world while drawing and listening to music :)

  11. Love this photos - so gorgeous. Love reading your blog


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