Monday, November 02, 2009

Art for sale: Rachel Hope Norton

One of my friends is a talented artist and is selling a few of her beautiful creations. She's made a blog specifically for showcasing and selling her pieces so please check it out here and either comment or email her to find out more about prices and shipping etc.

Please make sure you check it out and support her, there's also more pieces you can look at on her page and there's also an option of commissioned pieces!


  1. she is so talented!
    her art is beautiful.

  2. the owls are sooo so cute!! beautiful

  3. Your friend is very talented!
    I can imagine four of the owls sitting together on my green feature wall in my bedroom,
    hmm i'll have to have a good look at her blog :)
    Pearl xox

  4. She's so talented! and those owls are the cutest!

    -N + K

  5. Oh my, I adore the second one - the girl with a treefingers and a trunk growing from her shoulder... Brilliant!

  6. i love rachels art! and i've passed an award onto you sugar.

  7. These are excellent. I will have to check out her site. Thanks for sharing this.


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