Friday, November 13, 2009

A bit of inspiration & giveaway winner announced

Some stunning images from Kari Herer's etsy store that have captured my eye this week.

And in other news, this weeks giveaway is now closed and the lucky winner drawn at random is Cassidy from Bisous Mon Amour. Congrats hun :)

Make sure you all check back here on Monday because I have another giveaway coming up and it is VERY exciting. The prize is being sponsored by a lovely little magazine we all know and love (and that's my only hint!).

Have a good weekend guys! I'm away for a friends birthday but I've scheduled this weeks pick for Blog of the Week to go live tomorrow. Much love xx


  1. Those pictures are amazing, I love the one with the bird nest !

  2. I know what it is, i know what it is ...ner ne ner ner. exciting!!!

  3. Congratulations for the winner :D!!

    Lovely autumm pictures... yes, it makes me feel inspiring too!

  4. that first little floral teacup reminds me of one of the teacups you gave me for our christmas swap that year.. i still have it! :) i love that i can look at my teacups and get nostalgic.

    these photos are lovely.
    so lovely in fact that i can't even pick my favorite.

  5. Oh I love that birds nest, Its beautiful.

  6. inspired.. and in love with little tea cups.. beautiful photos - thanks for sharing!


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