Friday, December 11, 2009

Matroshka / Russian Nested Dolls

Today's theme is... matryoshka dolls!! Is anyone of you Here Comes the Sun readers from Russia? Oh, hello there! I would really love to visit your country someday, I think Russian art is sooo beautiful and inspiring!

Chanel video created for Neiman Marcus. Isn't it adorable?

M-Cups matryoshkas measurement cups by Carl Mistch, Fred Studio. If I buy them I would probably just use them as a decoration rather than in the kitchen!

Some of Irina Troitskaya's matryoshkas collection. Brilliant!

Matryoshka soft toy by Rosy Palma.

Happy Friday!
Laura x
Guest Blogger from See Hear Say


  1. I've seen those measuring cups everywhere lately!

  2. Oohhh, I love the video, its adorable!

  3. Ohh, cute!
    very much enjoying your posts Laura :)

  4. SO CUTE.
    I was sitting there thinking oh I love her outfit! And I then I realized that I was being silly. OF COURSE I love her outfit, IT'S CHANEL!

    Great post.=]
    I always wanted some of those dolls.

  5. I just ordered the most amazing vintage Russian Dolls for my little girl - found them via Etsy!

  6. they are all so cute!
    measuring cups are such a good idea :) The third picture is amazing, what beatiful art and the russian dolls are such a great canvas.
    Pearl xo

  7. I have the measrung cups! and they are currently being used for decoration hehe

  8. The video is amazing! I have recently bought some nested dolls from Muji that have a blackboard coating!

  9. Oh, my, that Chanel video is so adorable!!!
    Matroshkas! I love them, they're so cute and beautiful!! I think that there was some clothes from the japanese brand Emily Temple Cute that had a matroshka's print... If I find them, I'll leave you a link about it!

  10. Aaaaggghhhh ssoooooooooooo cute! I love Russian Dolls xx

  11. Oh I love matroshkas! Have many sets of them at home. I'm nut from Russia, but from their neighbor country, Finland, and have been in St. Petersburg 3 times. Absolutely worth visiting!

    I love your blog.

    Love, Inari

  12. I came upon your post because my Google Reader recommended your blog. and I'm glad I did!

    I had a set of vintage matryoshka dolls growing up and every once in a while I think of them and wonder where they've disappeared to. Additionally, I discovered an artist recently that has put her art on matryoshka dolls. I think they're so cute! Check them out here!

  13. That cushion is unbelievably cute! As are the measuring dolls. I have three sets, all lined up on the mantlepiece taking pride of place :)

  14. I love the video, it's so adorable! I want a Chanel doll.. :)

  15. These are lovely! Greetings from Russia ;)

  16. I'm from russia ha-ha and matroyhka is just must-have thing!)))
    through the years they become unbelievable and unique)

    Remember: Russia is good when you're a tourist herex))



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