Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hello floral

I never promise you rose garden

So i know I said in my last post that I love white walls but then today I've found these pictures and been reminded all over again how much I love floral wall paper. Hmmmm. Maybe when we have our own house one day we'll have the best of both!


  1. You always find the most loveliest photographers on Flickr. Love <3!

  2. hooold on hoooold on.

    these are adroable.

    who knew a donut could look so, desirable?

    whoever edited these are masters in photoshop and I am slightly envious!

    sweet photos my dear. hugs.

  3. I love these pictures, they are gahh so lovely! I really like the donut picture, so cute. xx

  4. i also can't wait to have my own place and decorate it the way i want to...i love flowered wallpapers when i see them in pictures but in real life sometimes they make the room seem smaller and crowded...

  5. hmm those donuts are making me hungry!

    yes, when i have a house- i think it will be floral mad! x

  6. I stayed in a hotel in India with floral wallpaper. It was so retro, I loved it!!

  7. i like it floral! :)

  8. cute! also thanks for the calendar :) arrived today & brightened my day. x

  9. oh hello there! you're right, flowers on the wall will do just as good :)

  10. m all about wallpaper - the more patterns and colours, the better. (It's funny, I've done 2 blog posts about paper on walls in the last 2 days, so we're on the same wavelength at the minute!)

  11. oh i love it! floral anything makes me smile. so lovely!
    peace & love.

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