Monday, January 11, 2010

What do you do when you're not online?


Todays question is: What do you do when you're not online?

I saw someone ask it on twitter a few days ago and I thought it was interesting. Most likely if you have a blog and you're signed up to twitter, facebook etc etc then you're probably spending quite a bit of time on the internet. But when you're not on the computer and you're not at work, what are you doing?

For me and my friends we have dinner at each others houses a lot or have big group barbecues. And when I'm just at home by myself I love curling up with a good book or cooking with my husband or (silly as it sounds) doing some housework. Nothing too exciting, I'm not an artist or a photographer so for me my spare time is happily spent doing something with friends or watching tv on dvd with my husband.

Now it's your turn to answer!


  1. i'm trying to develop my hobbies at the moment. all my spare time used to be spent with my beau but he is currently away studying and i have a whole year to entertain myself!
    so, aside from spending more time bloggin, and seeing my friends, i'm taking up photography again (i'm currently doing susannah conway's unravelling course) and learning to knit. i'm also trying to read more, listen to new music and see more films. there are so many classics i haven't gotten around to yet!

  2. I don't have much spare time since I am a full time student and I work full time. But when I do have a few minutes I love to create. Stop on over and visit me, my posting is my next project. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. When I'm not online I like to write, read, take photographs, sing, and dance. I like driving around town with friends, drinking dr. pepper and enjoying talking to each other or singing loudly with the radio with our windows rolled down no matter how cold we get. I like to sit on my bed with a movie on for background noise and do whatever creative, artsy project I can come up with.

    However, my time when I'm not online is not as much as it should be. I'll have to work on that this year.

  4. This is such an interesting question. I've always felt like my time online, especially blogging is more about what I do when I'm not online. I try to go on lots of adventures and document them as best I can :) I think it's so important to have great people around and great books and great hobbies so that life isn't lived staring at a keyboard and screen... but sometimes its ice to get sucked in to the wonders of the internet :P

  5. I have recently discovered your blog and I find it so interesting, I love all your photographs!

    When I'm not online I do some art work, with papers or whatever I find at home, it relaxes me very much.

    I follow you!

  6. in my offline-time i...
    -meet friends
    -go shopping (i prefer shopping by myself)
    -go for a walk with my ipod
    -dance around my room/do some "yoga"-stuff
    -listen to music
    -play the guitar
    -draw/paint something
    -take photos
    -clean up
    -lie around lazily and listen to audiobooks
    -very rarely read a book
    -cook something special
    -try out silly make-up/outfits

    but i think i spend waaayyyy too much time on my computer...especially because it's a notebook and so close to my cozy and large bed ;)

  7. wow, this has made me realize that I'm spending A LOT of time online! ;)

    When I'm not online, I am usually studying or at work.

    And if I have some time left, then I do housework.

    And if I have time after that, I usually read or photograph or watch tv and movies. I am lucky enough to live with my boyfriend, so we do all this together! :)

  8. school/sleep/eat/take photographs/play the piano/sometimes craft/watch tv/spend time with friends/listen to music/concerts.. i think that's it. but often i waste my time on the internet :/

  9. when im offline i walk to the beach, goto the sunday markets around the corner, drive up down the coast to the historic little towns, this summer my mission has been to go to every northern sydney beach. fun fun sstuff!

  10. i dont have that many options offline, seeing as i live in the middle of nowhere without any means of public transportation. so usually, i sit down and read a book, doodle some, or watch way too many movies. nowadays, i get ready for university, and practice on the camera making artsy short films!

  11. very good question! nothing too special, pretty much either movies (both at the cinemas or at home tv/dvd), do some housework, and i try to take more photos, go to the gym more and read more. but sadly, i spent way too much time online!! internet is not very healthy sometimes isn't it, if you think about this way!

  12. Hang out with my friends, Thrifted, Take a pictures
    PAINTING, DRAWING, DRAWING, Drawiinngg ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  13. What a fabulous post!!
    In a perfect day ~~ I would be painting all day long.

    However, things like the grocery store, laundry, fixing dinner, etc etc get in the way...

  14. Life offline consists of many coffees with friends, marathon op shopping (we try to hit up 3-4 at a time!), Glebe/Bondi markets on weekends and recently I was hired as a professional fairy, a job where i get to dress up in magical costumes and face paint cute kids:)
    I can't complain !

  15. Umm..for me, I love to online because I'm addicted to Yahoo Msger and blogging...

    while i'm not messing up with the net, I love playing guitar, drawing and day dreaming!!

  16. cute blog!

    hmmm...when i am not online i am knitting, taking pictures/doing photo shoots, whipping up something in the kitchen, exercising, working on crafts, or sepending time with friends!


  17. good question!
    well when im not on the computer, at work or at school (which takes almost all my time!) i like to spend days at the beach, shopping with friends and i love to go to the theatre. I also take photos, draw, sew or partake anything crafty.
    I also like to cook.
    I'm up for anything!
    Pearl xo

  18. painting and day dreaming. and mostly thinking about how to arrange the words into cleverness when I write down whatever I am seeing/experiencing every where I go.

    I love your blog. but your pictues never load. i think it is too much wonderful for my macbook to handle

  19. I read. Alot. I watch Tv on DVD too, I have way too many series. I draw, write, go swimming, walking, talk to my friends. Listen to music. And go to school of course.

    I try not to be on the computer too much. But it's hard, when there are so many great blogs and photography!

  20. walking the dogs and taking lot of pictures of things. additionally, i'm trying to be creative outside of my computer cave and started a bit of crafting.

  21. Huh. Well.....I do take pictures...I.... gosh. Haha I don't know what I do. I hang out with my friends, and we make movies and shop and eat. And I watch a lot of movies and TV, and I have been trying to read more. Because there is something so satisfying about reading a book.

  22. Even though my computer time has increased dramatically over the past year or so, I still do lots of things without it. I love to knit/crochet, make other things and am currently working on an etsy store. I also play guitar, listen to music a lot and I'm a huge movie fanatic, which I guess is still behind a screen. What else, painting, drawing and recently, photography.

  23. I love my GoogleReader for listing your site as a Recommended Item. I love your blog! :)

    What I do when I'm not online? More often than not I'm spending time with my boy because we don't live and work in commutable distances from each other so any free time we can steal belongs to us. Otherwise, I'm either cooking or reading if I'm home and if I'm out then walking around photographing things or taking in the city in some way, shape or form (museum, gallery, free outdoor events, farmer's markets, etc). It's very easy for me to find ways to not be online, it's just a lot of the things I do daily require me to be on a computer so going online kind of goes hand-in-hand. ;)

  24. mon dieu! Off Line? Do they still have that?? Ha!

    right now my life is very work-and-commute-centric...those two things take up most of my awake time...getting to thrifts all throughout the week is paramount for my business...and I do make a point to get the dog somewhere Every Day...a ride in the car, dog park, a long walk. and I just signed up for a sewing class that starts in February - that'll be fun, and I'll be spending time practicing and doing "homework." I wish I had more time for creative activities. but that's not my life right now. someday.

  25. unfortunately most of my time is spent online- i love and hate it.

    when i allow myself time away- reading, walking, cuddling, watching movies, and cooking.

  26. Lovely images !
    I like to spend time playing with my camera, playing the piano and listening to new and old music !

  27. im thinking, i know it sounds stupid but i love to walk and think or sit and think or looking out of the window and think or draw and think or cook and think. it makes me feel good; thinking about good or bad things, thinking about the past or the future ,it gives me lots of inspiration and strength. im still young and i want to find out who am i so im searching in my mind :3

  28. What I do on my sparetime.. hm, let me think. Well, I do spend a lot of time with my friends. Since I'm a student, they are a big part of my day/life. I love to cuddle up in the coach with my boyfriend whenever there's a chance, if he's not around - a good book will do just fine. Another thing I spend a lot of time doing is taking photos. I'm quite knew to the whole photographing thing - but it's still a lot of fun.

    Btw. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I love it.

  29. Oooo this is interesting!!

    When I am not online I am... playing with my kitten, slaving away in work, watching films cuddled up on the sofa with my boyfriend, drinking cocktails and being silly with my best friends, attempting to take good photographs with my vast camera collection, vintage shopping, reading books, going to gigs, drinking, cooking, eating, etc .....


  30. listening to music, reading the newspaper and frankie magazine, opshopping ! x

  31. When I'm not online I'm... wandering the streets, looking in shops and meeting people for coffee, drinking wine with friends, hanging out with my flatmates, going on dates and adventures with boyfriend, spending too much time in bed watching tv episodes or films or reading, making lists and wedding planning, reading, hula hooping, op shopping, occasionally gyming but mostly EATING.


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