Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mink Pink Winter 2010 sneak peek

I just discovered this sneak peek of the Mink Pink Winter 2010 collection on their official blog. I like what I can see of it so far, esp the hats! Can't wait for the lookbook to come out.

Does any one else agree that the model in the last picture looks a bit like Lauren Conrad?


  1. Love the second picture, especially the balloons <3

  2. wow- She really does look like Lauren.

  3. she DOES resemble Lauren Conrad! love the pop of red hat in the second photo.

  4. these are so so gorgeous i want that hat!

  5. gorgeous I love it

    lovelove, M.

  6. lovely pictures! the last one does look like Lauren Conrad, or Whitney Port.


  7. I really like the second and last pic! Very nice~

    Yazzie <3

  8. yes, lc lookalike :p pretty clothes!

  9. i love mink pink, the always thrill me with their collections,im sure this one will be no exception.
    Pearl xo

  10. i adore all mink pinks photo shoots! they are always so gorgeous xxx

  11. Hello!
    I just stumbled upon your blog this today via blogchicks, while I was at work and should have been working...! I am so inspired. Beautiful photography and so many other great finds. Love to find gorgeous Australian blogs. Bookmarked!
    Thanks for sharing the Minkpink post, will be keeping an eye-out for more images of the final shoot!

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  13. If you didn't say I won't even notice ahaha! he really looks like Conrad)


  14. oh how I love MINKPINK. and yes that does look like Lauren Conrad. which reminds me I watched season 1 of The City.

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