Monday, February 08, 2010

A picture tells a thousand words

(Cedric Bihr)

Sometimes I give people in random pictures names and backstories... too much spare time?


  1. i love this idea. i do the same. your not on your own. :)

  2. No I think that is fabulous and do it myself!

    In fact, I feel inspired to write a post now, with a made up story from a photograph I love.

    You should do that, it would make for an interesting read!


  3. Hi there,

    I have a blog award and a tag for you on my blog, so I hope you will come and click over and share it with you lovely friends....

    take care.... :)

  4. These Cedric Bihr x Jalouse pictures are so beautiful!! love the sessun plaid waistcoat on #2
    great blog! x

  5. this is actually a pretty cool idea! im feeling a bit inspired to do the same... :)

  6. not at all! it is just a natural thing to do... to wonder ;) lovely pictures! xo

  7. I would love to live in Paris in those flats! One day I will I'm sure!

  8. ha! i swear everybody does it! i certainly do.. even without realising! x

  9. Not at all (too much spare time)...I love that! :) Making up fantastic stories to match with pictures or people you meet...what a great exercise, and what a wonderful way to live vicariously.
    These pictures do indeed tell volumes :) Thanks for sharing!!

  10. i do this all the time too :) Its amazing how attached you can become to a fictional character you have made up.
    i comment your blog because its amazing :)
    Pearl xo

  11. haha i thought i was the only one. i do this all the time! also when i people watch haha
    these pictures are so great :)


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