Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The way you do one thing is how you do everything

(Yvette Inufio)

Last year I started martial arts (I do mixed martial arts- mostly a combo of tae kwan do and jujitso, if anyone is interested!) and I am learning so much about strength and discipline. One of the main values my trainer emphasizes to us is "the way you do one thing is how you do everything," and it really gets me motivated.

For example- I don't want to just give it my all in class right at the start when I am feeling fresh and energetic- then slack off later when I'm tired. I want to give it my all from start to finish because it's challenging and requires more determination- but that's the kind of attitude that develops character and helps you learn more and go further. And I can take that value further than just in class and apply it to my life.

I was just wondering if you guys have any values or something like that that motivates you? I've been thinking about this a lot lately because I have so many commitments with my time and I want to do everything to the best of my ability.


  1. For the last few years, I've been in quite a dark place. I'm still trying to find what it is that motivates me - I'm still really not sure. I just know that I'm sick of being in that dark place, and I never want to be there again!

    I do like this value you have though, that is really good, and I'm really glad it works for you :)


  2. I like this post. I have personal issues I am trying to deal with now and I am rather tired of it all. I am also trying to find what motivates me, I have found a new click with joining a youth event programme with getting to see some festivals for free and meet new people. But there still needs to be something more to keep me going with TAFE and my home life. Though I did just buy a car, so that boosted my cheeful lvl up a knotch. xx

  3. That is a really great motto for maintaining get-up-and-go. It's funny how impossible it seems to do EVERYTHING with equal energy, but it is possible. Thanks for this post.

  4. i think what motivates me is the feeling i get and the let down when i realised i could have done something with more enthusiasim and effort. i think "the way you do one thing is how youdo everything" is such a good manra to live by. if everyone abided by that rule the world would be a different place.
    Pearl xo

  5. What motivates me is that it doesn't matter if others can do something better than you, what does matter is that you better yourself.

    Nice post!

  6. A quote from Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" pretty much sums up things for me - "Wherever your heart is, there lies your treasure."

    It prompts me to reach as hard as I can for the things I really want, and cut out the bad in life, as it's those things that we really strive for that will give us the best rewards.

  7. Well, you made me think right now hah))
    I think one thing that really motivates me is a result. I just think like "today I will do it and tomorrow I will be free and happy. Just a few seconds and then I'll be satisfied"
    That works with homework or my dance lessons. Patience rule if I could say so))


  8. what cool stuff!!



  9. This is lovely! I've got quite a few things that seem to be written on my heart (and usually on my hand..) that I think of when I need some motivation. My favourite one at the moment is

    'Christ does not want nibblers of the possible, but grabbers of the impossible.'

    I've not been christian for a very long time, and as i'm growing in my relationship with God, quite a few things that I know I need and want to do seem impossible! But thing quote really helps me get past that.

    oh and I just thought i'd say, your blog is wonderful! It's really inspirational and filled with beautiful things, thanks :)

  10. i've been reading your blog for a while now (you have a great eye!), but have never said anything, so here goes:

    i know exactly what you mean. third year of taiji in progress and getting more and more amazed by the way basically everything can be done using "that" approach. and things turn out damn lovely too. it's the essence of inspiration. i have a suspicion that if i keep it up, i'll become a super hero and hopefully you will too:)

  11. Determination is something I definitely lack.
    But well I try to get motivated with books.
    I read as much as I can.
    And also what motivates me is art, and music.
    These lyrics especially:
    'I'm a new soul
    I came to this strange world
    Hoping I could learn a bit bout how to give and take.
    But since I came here,
    Felt the joy and the fear
    Finding myself making every possible mistake...'
    Yael Naim

  12. Hm. That's one thing I've always had in the past.. motivating myself. My thing has been to lose weight and exercise. I just had zero motivation to work out, even though I really wanted to lose weight!! Finally this time, I don't know what changed but I am very motivated. Once I forced myself to get into the groove of it, I am actually enjoying it and it is becoming part of my routine. And seeing the results I think is the big part, the more I lose the more I'm motivated!


  14. that is really good. cute post. i think this is a great lesson to be learned.

    i always catch myself thinking, "quit waiting for the life you want to live." i always think that i could be someone else {adventurous, artsy, sexy, whatev} if my circumstances were different. but this isn't the case. i can be any of those things today if i choose to be. i like that thought. :)

  15. i always thought it's better to feel sorry for doing something than feeling sorry for not doing it.

  16. Nice blog...I became a follower =)


  17. I like this post a lot. It made me think about the way I aproach different things in life in terms of discipline, coordenation, time management and the way I deal with all sorts of things and I think that what your doing is quite positive because it will help you gain much strengh, and not just phisical. Once a friend of mine tried to convince me to do something similar to what your doing now but I was way to chicken to try.

    keep up the energy ^^

    xxx kissmequick

  18. A person who used to be my roommate inspires me. She is self-taught in a wide variety of disciplines, and is very disciplined. For example, she bikes everywhere, even when it is rainy or cold or far and she is tired. She has accomplished so much and she is only 8 years older than me.

    So, when I'm trying to motivate myself, I ask myself "what would she do"? I also, remind myself how much I want to accomplish by the time I am her age.

    Finally, I find the success of doing and achieving things always inspires me to do more. Once you get on a role...the rest of your day/life can be SO productive!

  19. "if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten"


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