Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter weekend everyone :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with friends and family. I'll be spending mine celebrating a friends birthday tonight, a hens night on Saturday, catching up with a friend who I haven't seen in awhile on Sunday and sleeping in on Monday. Sounds about perfect to me :)


  1. That pretty much is perfect. :)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Aw, that sounds nice! I'm Greek and Easter is a bigger deal than Christmas, so I'll be at home with 20 family members, stuffing my face with lamb. Yay!

  3. Happy Easterness to you too!

  4. Happy Easter =) I'll be with my family at my grandmother's house!

  5. happy easter!
    my mom already sent me an easter basket but i'm not allowed to open it until tempting! i hope there's chocolate inside!

  6. Have fun!
    I've already sneakily eaten my easter eggs.. opps!
    Have added you to my locals list on my blog :)

  7. sounds wonderful!
    im having a low key easter this year, however i do have to work on saturday. nice to have a break from school :)
    i just adore that photo,
    Pearl xo

  8. Happy Easter! Love your blog, keep up the lovely work :)

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