Monday, May 31, 2010

Write me a letter?

(Wild Goose Chase)

There's something so magical about handwritten letters and pretty wrapping paper! Lately I've been trying to get away from facebook and email and get back into snail mail and I've been loving coming home to discover little treats in my mail box.

If anyone wants a penpal let me know :)


  1. I totally agree with you doll. I used to have about 5 penpals running at one time from all over the world, and that just fell by the way-side. I would love to have a penpal, and you would be great! Let me know.


  2. I'll be your penpal! Email me: swagnerm [at] hotmail [dot] com. I have a good idea for it!


  3. While I don't know if I can commit to a whole penpalship, I can definitely write you a letter and send you something either from Sweden or - possibly - Paris! And I would be very happy if you sent a letter in return :) :)

  4. Ive just asked for pen pals also on my blog. Id love to write to you. My e-mail is send me an e-mail with your address and i promise to write to you. xx

  5. This is such a nice idea.I remember that I was in a summer camp about 10 yers ago and I made a friend there and kept wrinting letters to each other for about 3 we email.I'm still happy when I get a mail from her but I'm not excited when I used to follow the postman.
    This is a big disadvanteg of virtual communication.It's is not charming !!

    Anyway your idea is just great!
    mu email is...
    as a start :)

    have a great day!


  6. I love penpals-- on average I send about 3 pieces of mail a week, which is about a 1/3rd of what it used to be. I was considering soliciting pen pals via my blog too. Here's my po box if you want to get started:
    Melina/ po box 3381/ eugene or 97401

    anyone who writes me gets a piece of mail back.

  7. I agree...I miss handwritten letters we used to write, suddenly I have an urge to write one..maybe to you?!

  8. Hey, I guess you will probably be surounded by people who will same the same but : "I really love to be your penpal!" Add me on facebook if you're interested in!
    Bisous <3

  9. oh yes. I'd love to be a penpal!
    there is nothing better than to open your mailbox and to discover lovely letters :)

    Let me tell you that I love your blog. It's one of my favourites...

    if you are interested, you could leave me a message on my blog...

  10. Mail is certainly magical. I'd be happy to be your penpal :) email me if you're interested!

  11. i totally agree. classic mail is so romantic + personal. emails are so easy to delete, but a letter...

    love this post!

    xo Alison

  12. I'd love to be your penpal from Argentina!

  13. I've always preferred snail mail. It's definitely a lot more intimate than anything else tied to technology.

    Having a penpal would be exciting! Email me at

  14. I'd totally be up for another pen-pal. I've been writing regularly to my first pen-pal since I was 10 (i'm 26). I've had over 100 pen-pals (I didn't have any friends in middle school), but only 3 regularly write me (two whom I see in person, one of them is my best friend. . we both love letter writing so it is probably odd to a lot of people that we hang out and write letters to one another) and I am a little down that everyone gives up so quickly (I always respond)! I write on pretty paper!! It is so much fun getting to know people!

  15. I feel the exact same way. So much in fact that I send myself postcards whenever I travel, and sometimes I'll write journal entries with pictures and flowers, put them in envelopes and bind them all in a stack with twine. Now unfortunately the only person I get letters from is my mom. She is amazing, but I wish more people used snail mail.

  16. Hi there!
    You have a lot of people interested!! wow!!
    Well, I started a months ago to follow your blog and I have really enjoyed it. You write and show you have a nice personality.

    If you want to email me to see if we can become pen pals, I would appreciate it very much.

    My email is:

    I also have a blog, but it's more about what I find in the internet (and it's in spanish).

    Hope you have a lovely week.

    ps. I was hoping we could be post card pen pals. Let me know. ;)

  17. goodness! i'd love to be your penpal, LOVE your blog. Making fancy girly packages is my specialty. I hope you don't already have too many offers though! (oh and I live in the United States, in the west)

    My email is

  18. I LOVE snail mail. My mom always sends me random notes, even though I see her almost every day. It's lovely to get personalized mail.

  19. I'd love too! I love writing real letters. I used to have penpals when i was in high school and college. And now i still write real love letters to my bf who is too far away from me.

  20. hand written letters are a lot more meaningful than emails for sure . love these pictures !

  21. you are right writing letters is so much more fun..You have a lot of proposition for pen pal, and you will definitely be a good one ! ^^

  22. I agree completly
    The romantic art of handwritten letters is dying a slow and painful death!
    We need to keep it alive!

  23. All about writing letters right now too!

    Not only waiting for a letter and feeling it and wondering what it may say before you open it.

    But also the sweet hand and thoughts that go so much more into a letter than just a simple facebook chat.

    The last pic is just perfect.

    If you want a letter from Germany and are not already overwhelmed by all those offerings here, just let me know:

  24. oh, I can see you have loads of people who want to be your penpal but I thought I might throw in a comment anyway!
    I'm Helene, i'm 21 and I live in Sweden. I really love your blog, it's so inspiring, and i've always wanted to go to New Zealand! I have a friend who lived there as a kid and it sounds so...wonderful, lack of a more awesome word. wait! sounds so awesome! anyway... I used to have penpals when i was younger and i really really miss it. sending drawings, typewriter words, dried flowers, polaroids and pretty cut-outs from magazines.
    If you want to you can comment on my blog (it's all in swedsih, though) or you can email me:

  25. i don't even remember when was the last time i have received a letter in the mail, an actual letter NOT bills or junkmails!

  26. i do! i'm a writer and i love any type of writing, old-fashioned mailed letters most of all!

  27. oh I LOVE writing letters! This post just reminded me of my penpals! I've had to put my snail mail activities on hiatus for final exams but now that they're over I'm definitely resuming my letters.

    I love your blog so much!


  28. Though by the looks of it, you've already had quite enough offers of penpalship to keep you busy writing for some time, I'm sure you'd agree that one can never receive and enjoy too many letters, and I'd love to write you something! If you'd like, you can send a mailing address to me at :)

  29. Oops! That's, actually. So sorry about that!

  30. oh god, you've got like millions of answers already! But if you have some time, you could send me an e-mail :)

    I had a penpal when I was little bdw. I really loved writing to her.

  31. I would love to send you a letter or two! I adore sending little pieces of the desert to people, and some feel-good postal karma is always nice! email me at

  32. well, looks like you got a lot of offers, anyway if you ever considered having a pen pal from Jordan, then am all in :) my email is

  33. I have been looking for a pen pal for a year now. If you or anyone would like to have a pen pal from the U.S please please please email me! Ps. I.m 16 and a girl.
    I <3 Letters :)

  34. I would love to be your penpal! email me at pretty please? :) I would love to send letters.


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