Monday, June 21, 2010

dropping by

(Hannah and Landon)

I don't have any internet at home at the moment so if my posts are sporadic over the next wee while I'm really sorry! The good thing about not having the internet at home is the chance to catch up on my reading and if you saw my birthday post, you'll know I have lots of books to get through!

Also the hubby and I are furiously making our way through season 3 of Heroes and it is so much better than season one and two! I won't give anything away but can I just say- Sylar is the most brilliant and interesting character and the actor that plays him is truly talented! He's not my favourite character (Hiro is all the way, so nice to have a hero you can trust) but wow-oh-wow does he bring the show to life this season!


  1. Oh my goodness, I've been in love with Hannah and Landon for the longest time, they're the most amazing couple.

  2. This images are pretty! even though it's a pitty not to see you so often over here you've got the chance to catch up with your reading! have a nice day!!

  3. it's impossible not to like hannah and landon x

  4. Hee hee, that's okay, get some reading done! Lord knows I need too. X)

  5. i almost wish my internet would break so i would be forced to do something else


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