Saturday, June 05, 2010

Happy long weekend :)


It's a long weekend here and a good chance to relax with friends and family so I thought I would share with you guys some of my real-life friends blogs that I'd love if you took a moment to check out and follow:

See Me Everywhere
My friend Ilana's blog about art, graphic design, interior design and film photography.

Ilana is also one half of a design company and this is their blog featuring examples of their work with different clients and projects including illustration, graphic design, filming and editing.

Sone's blog is feminine and beautiful featuring anything pink and girly!

From Me to You
Melissa's blog is full of gorgeous photography and all things whimsical. Also have a soft spot for this one since she is another fellow Beatles lover who named their blog after them like I did.

Happy long weekend xx


  1. thanks for sharing these gorgeous blogs. Have a great weekend <3

  2. Awwwh Manda!! I heart you very muchly! :) Your my fav!


  3. Thanks for the new reading material, I will definitely check these out!

  4. Awesome, thanks for giving me an excuse to read more and more blogs! Haha, I'm off to check them out now.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  5. naww manda you are too cute! thanks so much lovely! xx

  6. she's got some pretty hair there.

  7. hey. i just now realised you named yours after a beatles song and i did as well. mine is called 'i'd like to be' whcih is a piece of text og the song 'octopus garden' which i adore. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing this lovely blogs!! hope you had a beautiful weekend

  9. Hope you had a fantastic long weekend! I'm looking forward to ours next week.



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