Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trinkets & Treasures


Have you ever noticed that other peoples things always seem more interesting than your own? I don't know why it is because I buy the things I love and fill my home with beautiful trinkets and treasures, but whenever I go to a friends house their stuff always seems more interesting than mine.

Maybe I'm just used to seeing my own things so it's fun to explore other peoples treasures. Speaking of which, I'd like every one of the things in these pictures please!


  1. That is true of everyone.
    We always want what we don't have.

  2. I agree, though I think you are right that it is just because you are not used to looking at their things all day!

    Beautiful set of photos.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. i totally know what you mean! and these photos are lovely. <3

  5. Hey, I like your blog! The photos are great.

  6. I'd like each and every thing in these photos as well. I think it's the new-ness and unfamiliarity of other people's things that make them so interesting.

  7. I bet if I came to your house, I'd be impressed by your trinkets and treasures as well (I wish you could show us!). I agree that it's the familiarity that makes the difference.


  8. yes! i have noticed that..

    ..and oh how i love looking at other people treasures and clutter

  9. I love these pictures! Such a cute post.


  10. Agreed!
    I love the little yellow paper heart.
    I've been wanting to get a little origami book for ages.

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  12. I totally agree! Plus I'm so nosy when I go to my friend's houses. I go around their rooms looking at everything... it's like everything is so fascinating when it's someone else's! xx


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