Friday, June 04, 2010

Water-coloured pages

"notable excerpts from a few of my watercolor journals, on the pages of old books."

Inspiring art from There is Sun in my Eyes. Follow the link to check out the rest of the set. Oh how I wish I could draw like that! All my journal pages would be in frames instead of notebooks, haha.


  1. This is so beautiful! I would love to have these framed! :)

    I tried watercolor once, but I gave up before I even started.

    I wish I knew how to draw and paint like this! :)

  2. I've always wanted to draw in another book, but I fear that I'd ruin a book over making creative work.

  3. okay, im officially in love. i have always wanted to do something like this but havent had the guts to create inside an old book. i want to start working with water colours, they are so pretty but i have no skill with them what so ever!
    Pearl xo

  4. As I can see, on the last page people talk about my Russia aahhaha) that is fun

    love the idea of that pictures! you can even draw a story, that is printed there

    and check out my new project - Story of my Clothes

  5. i really love the first one, its so delicate <3

  6. these are beautiful :)
    and so lovely!

  7. these are so awesome. I love working withe vintage papers.

  8. These are stunning! So simple, yet so effective! :)

    Found. x

  9. I like this because she creates a story inside another story...

  10. Ohhh my goodness these are beautiful! So inspiring. =]

    hope you are well!

  11. these are so so so beautiful i wish i had any artistic talent

  12. Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing.. I always wish I can draw..

    The Picnic Girl

  13. these are beautiful.
    I'm hoping to do something like this on the holidays.

  14. oh these are gorgeous i always love sheer, watercolour paintings there's just something so awesome about them. i wish i could paint & draw like that too

  15. Ok so this is nice. But, I've seen it done before, differently - better. Look into the book - A Humument. Here's the official website -

    Not only did this guy create art on an existing Victorian novel, he created another complete story within the story. I especially like p.27 and p.326 in the gallery, and this image he did:

    My very favorite is here:

    It's on p.10 of the 4th revised version. You can see a slideshow of the whole thing at Tom Phillips' website.


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