Friday, September 03, 2010

A few things...

(Cari Ann Wayman)

A few things I've been meaning to mention lately:

♥ I finally got around to updating my Fix Up Look Sharp blog. You can read the post here.
♥ The husband and I got featured on
"It's a Love Story"
♥ I'm loving my new stripey Audrey headband thanks to Funny People Co
♥ And i kind of succumbed to making myself a tumblr.. It's
Set Yourself On Fire , come play with me!
♥ Annnnnd lastly
my Formspring is still in action if you're interested :)

That's my little update!


  1. That post on It's A Love Story was magical. I am engaged and so many people think me crazy as I'm only 20. But when you find that right person you just know. And after five years, things are only getting better.

    You two are picture perfect :)

    x The Velvet Bow

  2. That is such a lovely post about your love story (:

  3. fix up look sharp is how i first ran into your lovely blog. so fun- also loved your love story.

  4. I do love your love story, lovely! and have fun with all this new :)


  5. wowie :) so soo cool :)

    i LOVE your blog so much. i'm also about to marry at age 22 - everyone says i'm too young but i'm so excited and in love I don't honestly care!

  6. coooooooooool post!

    lovely styling:)


  7. I have just read the love story post!! lovely!

  8. I've finally joined tumblr too!

    Checking yours out now - congrats on being the 8th most visited NZ blog, as a Kiwi I love that you post NZ content!


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