Saturday, September 11, 2010

Summer is coming

Summer is creeping closer and closer in New Zealand and I couldn't be happier. Some things I'm looking forward to are:

♥ A holiday in Wellington with the husband & Ilana from See Me Everywhere & her husband
♥ Summer barbecues and long, hot nights outside
♥ Day trips to the beach at Raglan with friends
♥ Showing an American blogger/ photographer & her hubby around Auckland (stay tuned)
♥ Ice creams, summer fruit, ice cold beer and iced tea
♥ Floral dresses, denim cut offs, straw hats and vintage sunglasses
♥ Being outdoors

Ahh so much to look forward to, I cannot wait!

Also last night we watched the first episode of Mad Men and I have to say it's off to a good start, I'm intrigued already! Can't wait to get into it properly.  Anyway have a good weekend guys, I'm off to an 80's themed birthday party tonight, guess I better find something to wear, eek! xx


  1. ahh, summer has just ended over here - I'm so jealous! I didn't do everything I had planned to do, I wish it was twice as long! hope you make the most of yours and have fun! :) xo

  2. Summer is over for me too, but I'm really looking forward to fall this year.:)

    These photographs are great! I'm definitely going to try something similar:)

  3. love that second photo. :) im so jealous, but happy for you. summer is leaving me and going to you. but its basically summer all the time in florida. so its ok. enjoy your summertime!
    peace & love!

  4. I so wish this were the case here!
    We are just getting into Fall. Then comes the long cold winter :-(
    Enjoy every moment of your summer!

  5. Summer is ending for me. :(
    Sounds like you'll have a lovely summer! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

    Have a great weekend!


  6. God luck dear. Have a happy summer.

  7. Yay I cannot wait for our Wellington trip! I am trying really hard not to spend any money now (eventhough I think I may buy a few etsy items before we go) and spend up large! And YES bring on the BBQ's :) You know where the party will be at when it comes to a braai :) x

  8. so who's the lucky american blogger visiting? curious! gorgeous gorgeous photo that very first one, great idea that i should try with reflection on windows :)

  9. I'm so excited for this Summer, I have plans to make it as special as possible before my senior year begins.

    Not only do you always post the most magical, wonderful, beautiful stuff, the photographers and photos you post and recommend always make my heart sing so softly, but with such great passion it blows me away. I had to stop and stare at the first picture, it was so delightful. I can't thank you enough for brightening my day with something as simple as an image, but with such a majesty around it. It's so bewildering.

    Thank you for being brilliant as always, Amanda.

    Much Love,
    Norah xx
    -let's run away-

  10. mine has just ended!
    i hope you have an amazing summer & everything goes to plan.

  11. lucky you! in germany, summer is over right now and fall is coming closer and closer! maybe i should move to new zealand and when summer is over i´d go back to germany! ^-^

  12. wow that makes me jealous!! summer is coming to an end here!!

  13. ooh so lucky that summer is just on the way to you! it's leaving us now, i'm so sad to see it go. fall will be nice, but winter - not so much!

  14. These photos are lovely - nice find! I am also very excited that summer is on it's way....!

  15. Aww Im going to miss summer over here!
    Fantastic photos


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