Sunday, October 24, 2010

date day in Ponsonby

While in Auckland last week the husband and I took some time out for a wander through Ponsonby and an afternoon date at one of my favourite Auckland cafes, One 2 One. The weather here has been so amazing lately- crystal clear skies and warm sunshine, so it's been nice to enjoy more time outdoors and swap coffee and hot chocolates for juice and iced tea. 

Hope you're having a lovely weekend wherever you are in the world x

(p.s i love how you can see my arms holding out the camera in Jeremy's sunglasses in the first picture haha)


  1. sounds like you two have had a nice time!

  2. Love your blog:)
    I am going to NZ this december- do you have any more tips on what to do and where to go?
    cities, cafees, bars etc etc

    Thank you so much
    xo Nina

  3. you two make such a cute couple! i love hearing that marrieds still go on dates :-)

    what is that goody on your plate?? it looks yummy!


  4. You two are adorable! I also really love your hat.

    I've never been to that cafe but I might have to try it sometime! (Hello from a fellow kiwi blogger!)


  5. @ Nina.

    I am Amanda's husband. Try Mt Maunganui which is next to Tauranga.It is one of the major beachs. There are a few cool ice cream places right by the mount.

    Wellington is meant to be really cool. Amanda has been there a few times but I haven't really spent much time there yet, fixing that soon. Amanda says I will love it because there are heaps of nice food places.


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